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WitchBoard, WitchBoard, Spirits of the Board... Wait-- It's still only an app-- Right?

Just concentrate on a question, touch the planchette, and watch the response the WitchBoard reveals. Each positive response lights a candle on The Circle and summons a Board Guardian. A negative response dies one out. But beware... lighting the fifth candle completes The Circle and releases a spirit of the board!

WitchBoard III Features:

-Immersive 3D graphics with animation and special effects
-User adjustable app settings and board styles including Standard, X-Ray, and 'Glow in the Dark'
-Multiple 'Board Entities' and personalities
-Creepy sound effects and dark ambient music

Get the WitchBoard today-- if this one doesn't give you chills, you might already be dead!

Contacting the Board:

-The planchette displays a lighted pentagram when ready for your question.
-Concentrate and tap the planchette when ready. Watch as the WitchBoard's response is revealed.
-Tapping the planchette during a message could interrupt the board but might cost you a candle
-Tapping the Moon or the Sun in the upper corners of the board displays app settings or version info.
-Pinch to zoom the board in or out

WitchBoard III is provided for your spooky entertainment purposes only.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Games

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Version History

Launched Sep 21, 2019 (about 1 year ago).
Sep 21
Version 1.03