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Using FACEICON you can create amazing full digital portraits of you and your friends. You don't need to draw anything, you can create millions of digital portraits with one app. Cartoon yourself for real, digital portraits made easy. Unlimited collection of items, full access, facial expression recognition and video recording feature, lit different art styles - all of it in one app.


- Create digital portrait in 9 styles (Full-body, Realistic Style, Hand-drawn,Sparkle, Vector, Cartoon, Comics, Brush and Magic) without any drawing and designing skills!
- A feature where you could take a picture of yourself (or choose a picture from Photo Library) and it appears side by side with your creation to make the process easier
- More than 10000 elements in a collection to make a digital portrait (heads, hairs, dresses, eyes, lips, beards, sunglasses and more)
- More than 300 colours in a colour palette. Colour palette for every menu section in a collection.
- Edit art tool: design your digital art on a new canvas, you can choose stickers and colouring them, add an outline to your portrait, choose a background and play with filters from blend mode. On edit tool, you also can add your photo and place created art on your photo.
- Video recording tool: You can record video using your portrait with emotion recognition: when you're speaking, smiling, wondering, closing and opening your eyes - your created portrait will translate all of it on-screen. You also can save and share videos with your friends and on social media!

Check out our marketing site for more examples!

On FACEICON you can find graphic styles drawn with a different type of brushes: realistic, sparkled, vector, hand-drawn, cartoon and more. If you want to get special portraits for your social media page or another creative purpose, FACEICON will be the best choice.

Videos which you can make with FACEICON is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and interests in animation way using created art which will represent you, it's an app what makes a graphic designing process easier and faster.
Tip: To make your art more colourful you can use preinstalled standard Photo Editor or filters on your device.

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Version History

Launched Jul 09, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Oct 28
Version 3.3

- Lips on video mode changed (now you can change the color of the lips for the video, different types of lips for video mode will be added soon)
- Style previews've updated

Sep 23
Version 3.2.1

- Instruction for video recording added (buttons are hidden on video)
- General improvements

Soon: Different lips will be added to video recording soon

Sep 15
Version 3.2

Big update:
- Hands parts for some styles are on collection section now (more hands poses has been added);
- Sparkle style improved (more shining)
- Video recording process highly improved (now the quality of the video has high resolution, crash resolved, art presentation fixed)
- New feature to “Edit tool” added (special effect named “Light” to make your art detailed, outline effect improved)
- General improvements
- New examples on App Store

Aug 04
Version 3.1.1

- New App Store Screenshots!

Jul 16
Version 3.1

- Hands fixed
- Dresses for slim body type fixed
- Video recording tool crash bug fixed

Jul 12
Version 3.0

- New style for woman base (full body, for all body types, sitting pose, standing pose); Full style for men base will be soon to 
- Man base - general improvements
- Emotions recognition tool with video recording feature added for full body type.
- Cool previews.

Apr 14
Version 2.3

New awesome preview about how you can use the app. Thank you for using FACEICON!

Apr 12
Version 2.2

- App Store Preview improved

Apr 07
Version 2.1

- Plus one new awesome art style for women's base (the same style for men's base will be added soon)
- Save function improved
- Navigation between screens improved (you can safely go back on previous screen)
- Default portrait creation process improved (background fixed)
- Closed eyes improved

Apr 03
Version 2.0.1

- The tool of recording video using created digital portrait is improved. Thank you for using FACEICON!

Apr 02
Version 2.0

> +2 new realistic art styles
> Hands added
> Sticker's collection improved
> Bug fixed for iOS 11

Aug 24
Version 1.2

- Edit art tool improved
- New App Store Previews

Aug 03
Version 1.1

- NEW TOOL- "Edit Art" (tap on a magic button with a sparkle): Now you can design your own canvas by adding outline, background, blend filters and more!
- Movable, scalable, rotatable objects: nose, lips, beards, glasses, jewerly, background
- Color palette for glasses and jewelries added
- Instruction for an each step (tap on button with question mark "?" on the app)

Jul 22
Version 1.0.2

- thumbnail of your photo to make art making process easier: choose your photo from Library or take a photo using Camera
- lips color improved
- now you can coloring dress too
- chose background from Photo Library (careful with suggested size)
- eyes detecting improved
- chosen glasses and eyes appears on video now

Jul 13
Version 1.0.1

- General improvements

Jul 10
Version 1.0

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