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Communities are built from a series of meaningful connections. These connections mainly happen by chance or introduction - either we randomly meet new people in the same space as us, or we’re introduced to them by way of mutual contact. Plain Sight serves as that mutual contact for the members of our community by connecting you to the type of people you’re looking to meet in shared spaces.

Making new, meaningful connections shouldn't be left up to chance. Plain Sight is a social networking platform that curates hyper-local connections between like-minded people in virtual and physical spaces.

Interact safely and securely without bias because of no names or profile pictures. We help you connect based on things that really matter.

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Primary: Social Networking

Secondary: Lifestyle

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Version History

Launched Jun 16, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 days, on average.

Feb 23
Version v0.59.1

Home feed no longer uses distance to help order posts
Posts by a user are shown on their profile
Tutorial video has been removed
Vouch for other users from their profile
Fixed new posts pop-up on app foreground
Fixed notification refreshing on app foreground
Added error message for public posts outside U.S.
New account buttons for reporting a user or reading community guidelines
Copy changes and renamed goals

Feb 13
Version v0.57.1

Share your own profile
See avatars when you share profiles
Invite other users from your account screen
Fixed comment avatar navigation
Improved spaces screen performance
Reduced frequency of location tracking
New maintenance screen for downtime
New error screen to stop crashes
Copy changes

Feb 09
Version v0.56.2

Follow other people from their profile
Receive notifications when someone follows you
Removed clapping for people
Fixed notification screen initialization
Copy changes to some share links

Feb 02
Version v0.55.0

Select a custom avatar

Feb 01
Version v0.54.3

New scrollable inbox screen with improved read-tracking
Cleared notification history for everyone
New notification system
New in-app messages and modals
New "rich" push notifications
New button for suggesting a space if none are nearby
Improvements to mobile authentication flow
Improvements to security
Bug fixes and copy changes

Dec 28
Version v0.50.0

Link Previews: Links in posts automatically generate a link preview in the feed.
Show Users Near Me: Tapping the "Near Me" count on the home screen shows a listing of nearby users.

Bug Fixes
Fix avatar for system user

Dec 15
Version v0.48.1

Fixed a newly introduced logout bug

Dec 08
Version v0.48.0

Resolved forced logout bug

Nov 30
Version v0.47.0

Rearranged steps for creating a post
Fixed issues around keeping users logged in

Nov 05
Version v0.46.1

See how many people are in your area
Suggest a space if there aren't any near you
Fixed issue where photos failed to upload when creating post
Fixed issue where map pins were not displaying on some devices
Fixed issue where reservations were unable to be cancelled
Copy changes

Oct 26
Version v0.45.1

Search for spaces by name, amenity, type, or description
See top results for spaces and people after searching
Fixed an issue with picking a day to make a booking for
Fixed an issue where navigation backward from search didn't work
Fixed a number of minor issues around search

Oct 16
Version v0.44.3

Fix iOS 14 bug causing images to not be displayed.
Fix broken deep linking.

Oct 08
Version v0.44.2

Fixed an issue where the comment input was cutoff
Fixed an issue where the "Add Photo" button was not appearing
Fixed an issue with the map failing to zoom initially
Fixed an issue with the map not showing current location
Fixed an issue with the "Search this Area" button not appearing
Fixed an issue where spaces were not appearing on map
Fixed an issue where pressing the compass didn't center map
Fixed an issue where pressing a space on the map didn't bring up the space's details

Oct 05
Version v0.44.1

​Pressing a tag on a user's profile now starts a search
Search screen back button takes you back if searching a tag
Fixed an issue where pressing clap/prop notifications resulted in a logout
​Fixed an issue with view tracking for spaces where some spaces were missed
​Added support for re-triggering a search if you choose a different location to search around
​Increased the font weight for post content

Sep 30
Version v0.43.0

Fixed application start-up issues
Fixed tutorial seen on app re-focus
Fixed header bar padding
Fixed navigation bar padding

Sep 24
Version v0.42.0

Updated the guest list to show check-in events instead of people checked in
Updated the guest list to include recent check-ins after ongoing ones
Added ability to infinitely scroll the guest list in descending order

Sep 22
Version v0.41.1

Fix unable to message after searching for a user.
Fix header padding.

Sep 18
Version v0.41.0

Search for users by matching tags on their profile
New search tab
Removed account tab; click your avatar on the home screen to find it again
Receive as-you-type suggestions while searching for users
Filter your user search by city or just find people around you
Scroll the list of your search results infinitely

Sep 12
Version v0.40.1

Notifications from our team can now take you directly to shared content such as a user profile, space, or post
The number of users checked in at a space is now hidden if noone is checked-in
Minor updates to welcome modal

Sep 03
Version v0.39.6

View tracking improvements

Aug 27
Version v0.39.5

Sign in with Apple for new accounts
Spaces now receive emails when a reservation has been lost
Submitting a comment now displays a loading screen to prevent submitting the same one multiple times
Posts can be created at a space from the Threads tab
Patched a problem with checking people out after a space has closed
Reduced the location history kept per user to only track a few recent locations
See which spaces support free reservations on the Spaces tab
The Spaces tab now displays 100 spaces instead of 50

Jul 15
Version v0.37.1

Subscription free trials for spaces
New booking receipt screen
Internal changes for managing reservations with spots, passes, and open hours
Added earnings information to emails for spaces
Copy changes

Jul 01
Version 0.36.0

Cancel your reservations
Receive refunds for cancelled reservations that were paid for
New reservation received emails for space owners
New reminder notifications for upcoming, ongoing, and ending reservations
Our admins can cancel and refund your reservations
Styling tweaks
Bug fixes

Jun 21
Version 0.35.0

Reserve hourly or all day spots at spaces
Spaces are now required to apply for sign-up
Spaces can now sign-up and get payouts when users book paid spots
Spaces can now list special instructions and the number of spots available in-app
View your upcoming reservations
View your past reservations
Use your previous payment methods again to check-out

Jun 02
Version 0.33.0

Performance improvements

May 27
Version 0.32.1

Complete your profile with only initials and a profession
Spaces can list additional information by contacting us directly, including: phone numbers, maximum persons allowed, floorplans, and disclaimer
New default tab for space profile screen

May 12
Version 0.31.0

Full-screen post images directly from your feed

Apr 21
Version 0.30.1

Delete posts
Delete comments
Introduction posts
New post notifications
See posts from the same space on your home feed
Create posts from outside of the U.S.
Bug fixes
Styling changes
Internal improvements

Apr 07
Version v0.29.1

Get notified of recent posts you missed while the app was minimized
Shortened deep links
Fixed deep link preview page when opening in-app deep links
Fixed bug around editing profiles
Bug fixes
Styling changes

Mar 24
Version v0.28.1

Give props to posts!
Received a notification when someone gives your post props
Revamped looking for push notifications
New looking for glasses on posts/comments
Fullscreen post images
Many bug fixes
Various styling changes
Removed spaces search

Mar 10
Version 0.26.2

Entirely new home screen and feature... Threads!
View new threads from people nearest to you
Create your own thread and reach out to others
Send a thread to a specific space or to the whole Plain Sight community!
Attach up to 4 images to a thread
Share threads
Comment on threads and have open discussion
Reply to other user's comments!
Includes hyperlinks in threads or comments you write
New push notifications for comments/replies
Improved location tracking
Brand new welcome pop-up
Styling changes
Bug fixes

Mar 05
Version 0.25.1

Share spaces, events, or profiles!

Feb 21
Version v0.23.0

Removed employer requirement
Fixed Terms of Service bug
Fixed insecure website bug
Fixed signup events

Feb 08
Version 0.21.0

Added support for custom skills or professions
Fixed space names to be two lines
Copy changes
Bug fixes

Jan 29
Version 0.20.1

Fixed bug where event hours picker was blank sometimes
Fixed bug where event start time could not be moved to after event end time

Jan 16
Version 0.20.0

Shortened sign up flow significantly
Restricted features by profile completion
New popup after creating an event
Fixed several critical "black screen" bugs
Internal nudge improvements
Miscellaneous smaller changes

Dec 21
Version 0.18.1

Fixed critical permission bug
Additional bug fixes
Copy changes

Dec 17
Version 0.18.0

List amenities for your space
List your employer!
Connect your instagram, linkedin, and twitter
New animated tutorial
In-app web browsing
Relaxed website requirements
Bug fixes
Styling changes

Nov 27
Version 0.15.5

Bug fixes
Internal improvements

Nov 19
Version 0.15.2

Redesigned people screen
Stability improvements
Bug fixes

Nov 07
Version 0.14.6

You can now create a space/event directly after not finding any!

Oct 28
Version 0.14.4

Create your own spaces and events
Edit and view your spaces and events
Message anyone
Bug fixes
Styling updates

Oct 25
Version 0.14.3

Create your own spaces and events
Edit and view your spaces and events
Message anyone
Bug fixes
Styling updates

Oct 12
Version 0.13.0

Users can now message any other User in the Platform!

Oct 03
Version 0.12.4

New map button location
See at a glance which user profiles you have already viewed
The people screen has had a slight redesign
Signup is mandatory now
Scroll to the top of a screen on icon double tap
Your search radius has been widened
Fix for editing your profile
Styling updates
Additional bug fixes

Sep 30
Version 0.12.2

Added more analytics
New map button location
Fix for editing your profile
See at a glance which user profiles you have already viewed
The people screen has had a slight redesign
Signup is mandatory now
Scroll to the top of a screen on icon double tap
Your search radius has been widened
Styling updates
Bug fixes

Sep 28
Version 0.12.1

Added more analytics
New map button location
See at a glance which user profiles you have already viewed
The people screen has had a slight redesign
Signup is mandatory now
Scroll to the top of a screen on icon double tap
Your search radius has been widened
Styling updates
Bug fixes

Sep 20
Version 0.11.0

See who you are looking for.
Favorite other people.
Receive nudges from Plain Sight.
Bug fixes.
Styling changes.

Sep 07
Version 0.9.2

Search for people by goal.
New expansive header that reaches the edge of your screen.
New main navigation icons and styling!
New styling for the search people screen and the view space screen.
Additional skills, interests, and professions in the signup flow.
More readable nearby notifications.
Spaces are sorted by distance now.
Bug fixes.

Aug 29
Version 0.8.2

Brand new signup flow!
Added the ability to share your goals
Grouped looking for notifications
Simplified welcome screen
Updated map icons and behavior
Increased notification screen limit from 20 to 100
Styling updates to navigation bar
Fix for skill/profession typos
Fix for nearby notifications of disabled spaces

Aug 21
Version 0.6.0

New search functionality - search for people!
New location tracking permissions that help us send you real-time notifications about spaces near you
Receive a notification when you are nearby a space at most every 2 hours. Turn this off in your settings if desired
Messaging has changed - now you can message anyone so long as one of you is checked in!
Contact us through new email links sprinkled throughout the app
Clap from a user’s profile
Bug fixes

Jul 31
Version 0.3.13

New "looking for" functionality helps you find people you need.
Some new profile info has been added - industries!
New type-ahead functionality helps you find skills, interests, or industries.
Get notified when someone you're looking for checks in within 30 miles of you.
See if you are checked in to a space.
List up to 10 skills and 10 interests.
Keep an eye out for a new user - Plain Sight!
Clap or recommend buttons are always visible.
Styling updates.
Bug fixes.

Jun 30
Version 0.3.7

Automatically get checked out of a space when it closes or when you leave.
Only show users at a space that match your search.
Support searching by profession.
Sort spaces by number of users.
Notification badges for unread messages and notifications.
See when users checked into a space.
Increase default search radius.
Style Updates.
Bug fixes.

Jun 17
Version 0.3.4

Minor updates to some styles and text in the app.

Jun 14
Version 0.3.2

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