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Transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary one with the best video-guided scavenger hunt app available! It’s a free download and your first adventure is on us!

Sick of boring get togethers, extensive party planning, and forgettable events? Why not have a blast with an AweVenture! Instead of sitting around bored, get out and have fun! You can create an exciting adventure with friends and family in less time than it takes to read this description!

Don’t plan another cookie-cutter birthday party that will be forgotten; create an adventure that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Don’t sink into the couch, stuck inside, bored out of your mind; get out with friends and have the time of your life. Don’t do the same old mundane corporate team-building events; get out and connect in a way that you will revel in as you recall the day together.

AweVenture puts unique scavenger-hunt based adventures in the palm of your hand. Simply choose your guide, decide where you want to go, and invite friends and family. And unlike your typical birthday party, get together, or team-building exercise, you can set up an adventure and be ready to go in under 90 seconds.

You can enjoy a competitive adventure where you race each other to the finish line, or a family adventure where you can follow along together. Choose from exciting video-based adventure guides like a drill sergeant or hiking guide for our competitive adventures or a secret agent or safari guide for our family adventures.

Be the hero and the life of the party when you make your next event an AweVenture.

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Version History

Launched May 09, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Feb 28
Version 1.30

Right on the heels of an amazing update with over four dozen fixes and enhancements, we've added some exciting new features:

AUTOMATIC ADVENTURE DOWNLOAD: Even if your adventure will take you somewhere outside of decent cell-reception, your adventure will be smooth and crystal clear as all video files will be downloaded automatically.
SUBSCRIPTIONS: Want an easier and inexpensive way to have fun? We’ve added subscriptions in three tiers to make it easy to be an avid adventurer.
NOTIFICATIONS: We’ve added notifications for your must important events such as participants accepting your invitations and your adventure being ready for action.
PROMO CODES: We’ve added the ability to use promo codes so that you can enjoy seasonal and periodic discounts and promotions.
ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENTS: We’ve added some additional features for improved performance, usability, and enjoyment.

If you haven’t tried AweVenture yet, what’s stopping you? Have a blast with friends and family. It’s a free download and you can try an adventure free for 14 days.

Oct 29
Version 1.20

Our newest update includes over four dozen exciting fixes and enhancements including:

STEP-BY-STEP WIZARD: Never created an adventure before? No worries! In just a few seconds, our adventure guide Safari Jake will lead you through the process and help you make your first adventure - on us!

EVENT-CENTERED HOME SCREEN: The home screen is now built around you and your adventures. Your upcoming and past events are right at your fingertips along with those you’ve been invited to participate in.

CLEARER PRICING: We’ve not only updated our pricing to make it more understandable, we’ve updated our selection screens to show exactly what each adventure provides with the number of locations, people, and groups included, and for what price.

NEW VIDEO/ARTICLE SCREENS: You can now browse our most recent videos and articles in full screen to find out how best to plan your own events and make them spectacular.

DOZENS OF ENHANCEMENTS: We’ve revamped the app to make creating an adventure easier and clearer, running events smoother, using the app cleaner, and making purchases simpler.

If you haven’t tried AweVenture yet, what’s stopping you? Have a blast with friends and family. It’s a free download and the first adventure is on us!

Jul 09
Version 1.10

Our newest update includes some exciting new features:

Competitive Mode: You can now create competitive adventures to compete against your friends or coworkers. Break into up to 5 teams, choose your leaders, and race to the finish line to see who gets there first. A leaderboard lets you see where you rank at each leg of the adventure.

New Adventures: Competitive Mode brings with it three new adventure guides: a Drill Sergeant ready to whip you into shape, Iron Man Joe eager to get you ready to train, and Kiara, the hiking guide excited to take you on an outdoor adventure.

Video Help: Not sure what to do on any particular screen? Click the orange question mark play button to see a quick video that explains what to do.

May 09
Version 1.0

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