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Local Metars for Apple Watch is a self contained, automatic weather reporter on your wrist! When you run it, it automatically finds your location then fetches, and decodes the current METAR reports for airports within 50 miles of your location. The main view shows you the reporting airports, closest first, the flight condition (var, mvfr, ifr, lifr), and the age of METAR. Tap on any airport, and see the full translated report with all its details. The App can even read the report to you.

Due to Apple requirements, please enable GPS on the phone before the Watch GPS will work! Do this by simply running the paired App on the iPhone paired to your watch.

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Secondary: Lifestyle

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Version History

Launched Jan 02, 2019 (over 1 year ago).
Mar 05
Version 1.1

More Reporting Stations with range extended to 50 miles, up from 30 mi.
Improved Battery life.
Added reminder to Enable GPS on iPhone before GPS on Watch works!
Caught and eliminated a rare bug!

Jan 02
Version 1.0