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**Currently available in Ohio and Arizona**

Live elsewhere? Head to www.pactinsurance.com and leave your email so we can let you know when we arrive in your area.

Now featuring Pact Pause!

We believe car insurance should help you navigate whatever life throws your way. At Pact, we’re introducing coverage that is tailored for your life. Not driving for a few days? Pause your insurance with Pact Pause, and the savings get passed back to you. Save time, money, and energy with instant and affordable car insurance.

Pact is the first fully-digital, instant car insurance provider. This means you can get a fully policy on your phone in less than 90 seconds. And because we leverage technology to provide you best-in-class insurance and support, we can pass those savings back to you. Our users have saved up to $150 per month.

Once you're signed up, use the app to get everything you need:
- Digital insurance cards and contracts
- Instant policy changes
- 24/7 claims reporting
- Claims payments as fast as next day
- On-demand roadside assistance
- Ubers and Lyfts when in a covered accident

Pact’s digital coverages and on-demand services let you do more. And we’re here to help whenever you need. Chat in-app, text, or call us.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to refuse to quote any individual a premium rate for the insurance advertised herein.
Savings disclaimer: Based on national average annual car insurance savings by new customers at competitive companies.

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Version History

Launched Dec 12, 2018 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 18 days, on average.

Sep 14
Version 2.2.3

Pact party people!
Who's got four hoofs and is ready for 2020 to be over? This pig!
That said, we've still got a few months left, and our team at Pact is going to make sure "dealing with auto-insurance" isn't another pain-point on your 2020 bingo board.

We fixed a bug that was causing roadside issues for some of our users in this release!
Stay safe,
Pat the Pig

Aug 20
Version 2.2.2

It's great having a car these days, right? Being able to drive out into nature has kept me sane.
You know what else keeps me sane? Knowing my car is protected by Pact, and I can get towed back home when I inevitably lose control of my vehicle because I'm a pig and can't drive.

More bug fixes in this release!

Stay safe,
Pat the Pig

Jul 16
Version 2.2.1

As Green Day said, "Wake me up when September ends," right?

Not the summer any of us were hoping for, but we're using it as an opportunity for introspective self-improvement (of our app).
We've improved renewal handling, streamlined tracking, and squashed some bugs in this release.

Stay safe,
Pat the Pig

Jun 22
Version 2.2.0

Happy summer Pact Peeps!
In this release we've fixed some bugs, and cleaned up our push notifications.

Not much else to announce, apart from how I think of you often, am thankful for you, and like your outfit today.

Enjoy the outdoors and stay safe,
Pat the Pig

Jun 13
Version 2.1.3

Introducing... Arizona!!!

Home of the saguaro cactus, too many species of rattlesnake, and now Pact Insurance! We're super pumped to announce our second state. Ohio faithful - if you've got a friend or acquaintance in AZ, send a referral!

Stay safe and avoid pork,
Pat the Pig

May 27
Version 2.1.2

Pact People! Pat the Pig checking in.
We've made some improvements to our quoting flow, and added some bug fixes in this release.
During shelter in place, I gotta admit I've become a bit of a slob. Lots of time rolling in mud, no showers, you know how it is.

Hope you all are hanging in there, thanks for choosing Pact!

Apr 22
Version 2.1.1

“‘You get a Pause, you get a Pause, EVERYBODY GETS A PAUSE!’
-Pat the Pig

When we first built Pause, we were bummed to discover that we couldn’t legally offer the feature to users who didn’t own their vehicles. That felt wrong, so we went back to work and today we’re proud to announce Pause for all. If you’re with Pact, you can Pause!

Now on to the next feature on our roadmap. Stay safe.

Apr 01
Version 2.1.0

Hey Pact people,
It's been a rough few weeks. We want to thank you for being Pact customers, and that we're here to support you during these uncertain times.

While you're sheltering in place, why not share some Pact savings with your friends? We've added new referrals for everyone in this release!
Electronic Pig Hug,

Mar 11
Version 2.0.3

Hey Pacters (go Browns tho),
We've updated our referral program in this release, stay tuned for a push notification when the promo starts! The reminds me - we updated our push notification infrastructure in this version as well.

Live, love, drive safe,
Pat the Pig

Feb 27
Version 2.0.2

Pact Nation (currently comprised only of Ohio buuut expansion is imminent)!
We're all about efficiency here at Pact: efficient quoting, efficient policy management, efficient codebase! Looks like we might have gone slightly overboard on codebase efficiency, and in this build we've added some redundancies to keep things running smoothly.

All this power is definitely going to my head,
Pat the Pig

Feb 19
Version 2.0.1

Pat here - last week I asked my coworker Matt if he could stop leaving dirty dishes in the sink, and he responded, "Sure, when pigs fly."
What's that about? What does that phrase even mean, and why specifically pigs? Really ruined my week.

Luckily, our engineers are still crushing it. They've updated to our referral program, made some UI changes, and improved error handling around payments. I'm planning to visit my aunt in Michigan for spring break, maybe after my flight Matt will finally start cleaning up after himself.

Thanks for listening,
Pat the Pig

Jan 11
Version 2.0.0

Happy New Year, Pact Fam!
I managed to survive the holidays, which has added significance when you're a pig.

In this release we completely re-configured our application to allow for new state expansion in the near future. We also cleaned up the UI, and reduced image loading times.
Thanks for being part of the Pact family, wishing you the best in 2020.
Pat the Pig

Nov 24
Version 1.2.2

Happy late fall, Pact Family.
It's a good time of year for pigs. Turkeys are getting all the attention on the dinner table, and I can enjoy watching football knowing how far we've come from using "pigskins" made from actual pig skin.
In this update we standardized our pop up design, and fixed some error handling! We've got some exciting news coming soon - so stay tuned :)

Have a happy thanksgiving, and drive safe!
Pat the Pig

Oct 07
Version 1.2.1

Pat checking in - happy October!

Turns out, if you make buying insurance super easy, bad people will try to take advantage of that. We’ve started protecting against bad-actors by requiring vehicle condition photos for some app actions!

Outside of that, we’ve added bug fixes,

Patt the Pig

Oct 02
Version 1.2.0

We've released Pact Pause!
I've gotta tell you--as the only pig in the office--if I hear one more "Pact Paws" pun directed at me I'm gonna flip out. Pigs don't have paws!!
We've fixed a few Pause-related bugs in this release, so it would beHOOF you to use the latest version. We also streamlined our claims data collection.

Thanks for using Pact,
Pat the Pig

Aug 29
Version 1.1.8


If you’re like me, you’re an anthropomorphic pig. Or you sometimes wonder, “why do I have to pay for car insurance when I’m not driving?” Here at Pact we couldn’t find a good answer to that question, so we made one!

It’s Pat here to tell you about Pact Pause! It’s our mission to put you in control. Not driving for a couple days? Pause your policy in the app and start saving! You can learn more about Pausing in the app.

Jul 15
Version 1.1.7

Hey prospective and present Pact people, it's me Pat (the pig).

In this release we've added an easy way to submit glass claims from the app, and made improvements here and there.
My responsibilities have been increased around the office so I've been pretty busy. Still nothing taking advantage of my being a pig, but honestly that's been refreshing.

We've got some big things coming soon, stay tuned! Your friend, Pat.

Jun 06
Version 1.1.6

It's your porcine pal, Pat! Here to let y'all know we've added the ability to change payment method from “bank account” to “credit card” in this release.

In the office, things are ok. I've got one coworker, Matt, who keeps loudly eating pork rinds at his desk. He says it's part of a “summer-slimming keto diet." I'm not one to judge another's food choices, but maybe he could keep it down?

Anyways thanks for listening, Pat the Pig

May 20
Version 1.1.5

Referrals are live! Refer folks in the app and earn up to $40 in rewards. We've also fixed some bugs and added clarifying information in the quoting / endorsement flows.
As for me—Pat the Pig—things are going great. Still waiting for more responsibility, but I've gotten a few nods around the office for my clever release notes.
Oink oink lol,

May 02
Version 1.1.4

Howdy, Pat here. We've improved error handling in this release.

You're probably wondering why a talking animal is only being used for release notes. I'm wondering the same thing—pig feet aren't ideal for typing and it's a pretty limited job description. There's also no way I can prove I'm a pig!

-Pig named Pat

Apr 26
Version 1.1.3

Things are going well here at Pact and the time has come to invest in an anthropomorphized animal mascot. That’s me, Pat the pig. I’ll be doing release notes from now on.

This version mostly includes nondescript bug fixes and improvements. We’ve also improved our referrals program, stay tuned for a promo in the coming weeks.

-Pat the very real pig

Apr 02
Version 1.1.2

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements!

Mar 07
Version 1.1.1

Now you can add any financial institution as your vehicle's lienholder!

As always, additional bug fixes and UI improvements!

Feb 23
Version 1.1.0

Improve error handling and additional UI improvements!

Feb 17
Version 1.0.11

Improved referral flow. Now it's even easier to share Pact with your friends and family!

Feb 09
Version 1.0.10

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements!

Feb 02
Version 1.0.9

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Feb 01
Version 1.0.8

General improvements, bug fixes, and new features!

Ability to get a new quote from the home screen if your previous policy ended or expired.

Jan 18
Version 1.0.7

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements!

Jan 15
Version 1.0.6

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements!

Jan 11
Version 1.0.5

This release fixes a minor issue with the wrong date displayed on the next scheduled payment. We've also improved the UI for our payment modal!

Jan 09
Version 1.0.4

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

Jan 06
Version 1.0.3

This release now supports new lienholders, fixes a few minor bugs, and includes small design updates.

See you all in 2019!

Dec 28
Version 1.0.2

A few new features:
- Ability to resume a previously obtained quote
- Ability to chat with customer service reps during onboarding flow
- New and improved quote UI

Dec 13
Version 1.0.1

- Fixes bug where users are prompted to update application even though they have the latest version

Dec 12
Version 1.0.0

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