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We've all been there, a young woman at the crossroads of life - which way to go? Help family business and stay at home, chase college diploma or crazily fall in love? Find out in this original story.
Why not all at the same time? Julie faces these questions in thrilling story where she's questioning her self confidence, her values and is it all worth the effort?
Of course it is and Julie finds all the answers in her own way while enrolling to fabulous cooking school 'Le Cookery'. Will she make it, and most importantly, how can you help her?

The first 8 levels are free with an in-game unlock for the full amount of levels.

Game features
- the game is available in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian
- complete 60 exciting time management levels and 18 extra challenging levels in 6 amazing restaurants
- help Julie to enroll to prestigious cooking school 'Le Cookery' and master the craft of making delicious sweets
- earn hearts and build collection of essential cooking and baking tools
- help Julie to discover why she shouldn't compare her insides with someone else's outsides in this heartwarming cooking game

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Version History

Launched Sep 27, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 27 days, on average.

Apr 27
Version 1.053

Added support for following languages:
- Portuguese
- Russian

Fixed issue with level 59 challenge where it was hard or impossible to serve 8 customers within 2 minutes.

Dec 03
Version 1.052

Added support for following languages:
- Deutsch
- Italiano
- Español
- Français
- Nederlands

Nov 17
Version 1.051

Added Julie's Stickers for Messages app!

Nov 03
Version 1.05

Fixed bug on Level 59:
- challenge to serve 8 customers within 1 minute was impossible to solve when playing on Beginner difficulty
- same issue is addressed on all other levels with this challenge

Oct 10
Version 1.04

- fixed issue with partial orders at Level 19

Oct 05
Version 1.03

- rebalanced Expert mode, customers are now coming in the restaurant quicker one after another
- updated Credits

Oct 03
Version 1.02

- fixed issue where game crashes at end of Credits
- fixed crash during game level when creating compound product
- adjusted spelling errors across the story dialogs
- improved overall stability of the game

Sep 29
Version 1.01

- Fixed crash with in app purchase
- Rebalanced levels in Beginner mode, customers entering the restaurant are more spaced out
- Added "Buy Episodes" to title screen for easier unlocking of whole game
- Fixed position of user interface when creating new profile and virtual keyboard is displayed on iPhone devices

Sep 27
Version 1.0

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