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NDT Offers Drivers Ed for Teens & Adults from the convenience of their mobile device. Curriculum includes online testing & industry exclusive in-car driving guide. Our driver's ed programs for Teens and Adults in Texas and Colorado is designed to walk you through the drivers permit and driver license test conveniently from your mobile device. We have more than two decades of experience training first time drivers the skills of safe driving. Additionally, we have assisted many states with their legislation regarding driver license laws. With our technology we are able to provide the best content-based driving program for Texas and Colorado residents. With our new app, you can now take drivers education with them wherever they go with all progress being tracked regardless of the device you login from.
-> Free DPS / DMV practice test, unlimited DMV practice test attempts, so you can feel confident of your driving skills.
- > Take your Texas DPS test online or in app - Not at the DPS! (Texas Residents Only)
FULL DRIVERS ED COURSE for Teens or Adults
-> Our curriculum is broken down in clear, short segments with videos to help new drivers absorb the knowledge and prepare for a lifetime of safe driving.
-> Audio read-along available
-> Review previous class material offline, from the convenience of your home and on any device.
-> National Driver Training is the first state approved online program offering driver training solutions to meet the needs of teens, adults and corporations. For 20 years we have been teaching all areas of driver education and training.
-> Unlimited DPS / DMV written test re-takes, free of charge; Practice Drivers Test Available in Parent Supplement (included).
-> Parent-Taught Online Drivers Ed for Teens State Certified Course 102
-> Adult Drivers Ed Certified Course
- > Adult First 6-hour Course
-> Your progress syncs automatically across all of your devices. You can start your drivers ed course on your smartphone, and finish it on your parent's smartphone, we don't judge.
Awesome Customer Support
-> Call, text, Facebook Message or email us. We are here to help you along the way, from getting your drivers permit all the way to acing your license test.
-> Our US customer support speaks both English and Spanish.
Obtain your permit and ace your drivers test, you will have your drivers license in no time. Can't find your program on the app, check out our other National Driver Training programs, including our Defensive Driver Certified Courses on the web.
Current Driver Education courses available in the app:
Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE); Adult First Time Drivers Ed (Age 18+). No need to search "Driving school near me" when you can now take drivers ed from the comfort of your home, with the new Texas Driver Ed app from National Driver Training.
Colorado Approved Course; Texas TDLR State Provider #102; Texas TDLR State Provider #2693Drivers Ed may be called Drivers Education, Permit practice, DriversEd, Driver Education, Student Driving, Texas Drivers Ed, Driver Defensive Training or Driving Lessons.

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Version History

Launched Sep 25, 2018 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 22 days, on average.

Jun 18
Version 4.0.1

- Fixes a bug where the tests were not being graded after taken

Jun 17
Version 4.0.0

Revamped the UI for better usability and support. Added all the below functionalities:
- New video library section to watch all your previous videos
- New in-car manual section with improved grading system
- Added dark mode capability
- New video controls for seeking and pausing video
- Improved viewing of the course content
- Allowed for more than one account login for multiple users

Apr 16
Version 2.7.0

Rework of the app from the base up which allows for easier support and updates in the future as well as a newer UI. Colorado courses are now included in the app with full hour tracking and in app tests.

Nov 06
Version 2.6.3

Images in exams - In the teen course exams, images that are part of a question were not showing up (ie."What does this sign mean").

Oct 29
Version 2.6.2

Written exam for teen course - Teens taking the parent taught course may now take their driver's permit exam within the app.

Oct 23
Version 2.6.1

Bug fix - Exams stuck on loading screen

Oct 19
Version 2.6.0

Bug fix - Pages not loading after pressing the next button

Oct 10
Version 2.5.9

Fix layout issues.
Compatible with iOS 13.

Sep 23
Version 2.5.5

Fixed review material page bugs.

Sep 19
Version 2.5.1

New class design.
Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Aug 27
Version 2.4.2

New Audio Player
- Listen to or read along with your course's audiobook
Updated contact email

Aug 19
Version 2.3.5

NEW step-by-step guide for parent taught course now available on the app.
So you can always know what to do next.

Apr 10
Version 2.2.1

Improved adaptive class content pages.
New parent information section with valuable information for the teen course.
New menu design.

Mar 05
Version 2.1.3

New promo/sale banner added to course list screen.
New UI improvements for the change password screen and pre-requirement page.
Promo codes are now saved in your device so you can use it later.

Feb 20
Version 2.1.2

New product description screen to keep our new customers informed of what's included in our top of the line products.
Monthly notifications about deals and specials straight to on your phone.

Feb 13
Version 2.0.5

Fixed important security bug.

Feb 12
Version 2.0.4

Resolved issue that prevented users from changing pages in the adult course.
Added more Spanish translations.

Feb 05
Version 2.0.3

Resolved issue that prevented users from changing pages in the adult course

Jan 31
Version 2.0.2

Both Teen and Adults courses now available in Spanish.

Jan 22
Version 2.0.0

Adult 1st time driver now on the Texas Driver Ed App.
Added new design to current customer screens: Exam Activity.

Jan 12
Version 1.2.14

New layouts for the two most common screens for returning users: Home Dashboard and Class Content Page;
New progress bar to see how much of the course you have left.
Drive Safe!

Jan 03
Version 1.2.13

Fixed UI bugs.
Everyone At National Driver Training Wishes You a Happy and SAFE New Year!

Dec 22
Version 1.2.11

Added promotional offers for the free trial users.
Everyone At National Driver Training Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a happy and Safe New Year!

Dec 18
Version 1.2.7

Fixed bug causing app to ask enrolled customers to pay again.
Fixed login issues.

Dec 01
Version 1.2.6

Our Texas Online Drivers Ed course now offers the first 6-Hours 100% Risk Free. Study and prepare to receive your permit for free. Once enrolled, the 6 hours will transfer and will be included in the required 32 hours of instruction.

Fixed couple UI bugs for iPad users.

Nov 14
Version 1.2.5

New welcome screens.

Nov 07
Version 1.2.4

Fixed major bug that caused home page loading icon to never disappear. It should allow you to continue your course as expect it.

Oct 31
Version 1.2.3

Fix minor bug issues.

Oct 23
Version 1.2.1

Added Free Practice Permit Exam.
Fixed landscape layout minor issues.
Fixed minor issues.

Sep 25
Version 1.1

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