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Olive is the world's first decentralized social live broadcast app.This app has many well-known idols with wonderful livebroadcast show!
Olive Live Streaming
*Showcase yourself on Live
*Send gifts with love
*Smart beauty
*Hip-hop artists
*Singing&Dancing&Talents show
Olive Special Features
*Real-time Interaction
--Every day there are hundreds of talented idols livestream on Olive, download Olive to talk with them by messages while live streaming or in app inbox.
--Support sharing the live broadcast to more social medias, like Facebook/Instagram/Wechat etc. to invite your friends and connect with millions of users all over the world.
*A series of gifts with special effects
--For rewarding the hardwork of idols and show your passion and love with idols, Olive prepare a number of attractive gifts with effects.
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Official website:olive.live

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Version History

Launched Jun 07, 2018 (6 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 17 days, on average.

Dec 07
Version 1.8.0

1.Add pay livestream rooms.
2.Add VIP special effects into the room.
3.Optimized search functionality

Oct 30
Version 1.7.0

1.Added private message function
2. Added Zalo account login function
3.Added personal center revenue module
4. Added recharge and reward activity
5.Optimized personal homepage in the live broadcast

Oct 09
Version 1.6.0

1, Improve the task system, complete the task to get olives, OLE.
2, Add olive module, add olive exchange OLE function.
3, Optimize the stream gift module and add gift classification.
4, Change the startup page of the app for a better user experience.

Sep 14
Version 1.5.1

1. Optimize broadcast channel message display style.
2. Adjust the layout of the personal center to beautify the typesetting;
3. Add an invitation code to fill in the entry;

Sep 01
Version 1.5.0

1.Added VIP system and VIP users can enjoy more privileges;
2.Personal center changed, key information can be found at a glance;
3.Add event shows to keep up to date with the latest events;
4.Optimize response time to live broadcasts channels;
5.Fixed some problems with live broadcast abnormalities of some phones.

Aug 17
Version 1.4.1

1.Modify level icons and background icons
2.Add official live channel start druing the event, please look forward to it.
3.Share through copy link has be introduced
4.Fix known online problem to increase stability of our apps.

Jul 26
Version 1.4.0

1.Show the effect when high level users enter room.
2.Broadcast notifications system has been introduced. If you give high-valued presents,it will be showed on all broadcast rooms.
3.Activity ranking system has been introduced. It will be show during the activity.
4.Optimized the chat logic in the live broadcast room, reducing the occurrence of abnormal situations.
5. Optimized a bug that cause apps crashing

Jul 11
Version 1.1.3

1. The total number of olives is added to the anchor side in the live broadcast, and the anchor can view the total number of olives in real time;
2. Optimize the gift effect and reduce the memory usage;
3. Fix some bugs.

Jul 04
Version 1.1.2

1. Add a new share event, invite friends to get more diamond rewards.

2. Fix known bugs and make the app more stable.

Jun 27
Version 1.1.1

Fix some bugs

Jun 20
Version 1.1.0

1. Change the live stream to make the live broadcast more stable;
2. Fix some bugs.

Jun 08
Version 1.0.0

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