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This is a great app for anyone who want to learn about new animals and their habitats.

Our database is maintained by scientists and collaborators around the world. We only take answers from trusted professional to train our machine learning algorithm so that it can give you the best result.


- Instantly identify any animal from photo or camera.

- Support all animals including mammals, birds, insects...
- High quality database maintained by scientists and collaborators around the world.

- Study captured animal on Wikipedia.

- Identify anywhere anytime even without internet access.

- Diary book for captured animals.

 $4.99 in iOS App Store


Animal Identifier. screenshot 1Animal Identifier. screenshot 2Animal Identifier. screenshot 3Animal Identifier. screenshot 4Animal Identifier. screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Jul 05, 2018 (11 months ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Mar 21
Version 1.3.2

- Improved accuracy & stability

Feb 04
Version 1.3.1

Please keep this app updated for the best experience.
This update includes:
- Bug fixes

Jan 29
Version 1.3

Thank you for choosing us! We will keep making this app up-to-date with the latest technology & improvements.
This update includes:
- 30-50% faster identification process
- Improved stability & performance

Aug 23
Version 1.2

- Fixed an issue relate to edited name.

Aug 19
Version 1.1

- Improved performance
- Bug fixes

Jul 06
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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