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The FiGPiN App is the beginning of an amazing collector experience.

Every FiGPiN ever manufactured has a unique serial number laser engraved on the back. With the FiGPiN App you can unlock that serial number to discover the rarity of your FiGPiN (The Factory Score) and begin earning points as a proud owner of an awesome FiGPiN (The Story Score).

You can also browse the entire FiGPiN Catalog and build your ultimate Dream Collection. Be the first to see new FiGPiNs before they are released. Gain access to rare App Exclusive pins.

Collect Awesome!

What’s New

In this new major update, the scoring system has been enhanced to make earning points even more fun. When you unlock your FiGPiN you will see a FACTORY SCORE and a STORY SCORE.

The Factory Score is made up of three facets and has a total max value of 100 points. The three facets are:

EDITION – FiGPiNs made in one production run belong to an Edition (max 20 points).

VOLUME – The number of FiGPiNs that are manufactured in one production run (max 20 points).

SEQUENCE – The order in which your individual FiGPiN was made during manufacturing. (max 60 points).

The Story Score is an exciting new way to go beyond your shelf or pinboard. You can earn points for sharing your FiGPiN’s journey in your collection. Here are some ways to earn Story Score points:

ADOPTER - Be one of the first to unlock your FiGPiN and earn a maximum of 100 points.

BOOSTS - Earn points every time someone in the FiGPiN community boosts your FiGPiN.

SHARES (coming soon) - Earn points by showing off your FiGPiNs to the world.

CHECK-INS (coming soon) - Earn points by taking your FiGPiNs to your favorite CON or show and checking them in.

TAGS (coming soon) - Earn points by having your friends, artists or celebs sign and tag your FiGPiNs.

BONUSES (coming soon) - Earn points by discovering the MANY Easter Eggs that we’ve dropped throughout the FiGPiN Universe.

BATTLES (coming soon) - Earn points by having a friendly FiGPiN on FiGPiN match.

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Version History

Launched May 29, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Aug 30
Version 1.2.1

Cohort Bonus Added
- The more collectors that unlock a FiGPiN, the more power it will have!

Around the Sun Bonus Added
- For every year that passes since being adopted, FiGPiNs will receive additional power!

Shelf Button Added
- Search for FiGPiNS in catalog and navigate to the ones you own by clicking the "Shelf" button.

Bug Fixes
- Message count badge not clearing after viewing inbox has been corrected.

Aug 07
Version 1.2.0

FiGPiN Store Integration
- Purchase FiGPiNS directly from mobile application
Boost History List
- See list of users who have boosted your FiGPiNS
Username History List
- See list of username changes
Bug Fix
- Correct issue rendering unlocker room when scrolling too fast

Apr 06
Version 1.1.5

Introducing "Unlocker Room"
* Live stream of actions happening in the app in real time giving you pin the ability to be "boosted" by other users in the "Unlocker Room"
* Search for friends username in live stream or specific products when their product earns FiGPiN Power
* View other user's products
* Boost other user's products
* Volunteer for be a "Battles" beta tester
* Opt-In for notifications for specific product lines you like
Introducing Boost Bonuses
* Users can now "boost" each other pins when they appear in the news feed.
User Home Screen Updates
* Collector Badges Introduced
* Collector score actions now displayed as "Badges" in user home
* Collector Score Correction
* Scores added for users missing points for username created
* My Serial Collection Updated
* Ability to sort by FiGPiN Power Added
Unlocked Serial View Updates
* Set Bonuses Expanded with Updated Scores
* Bundle Set Bonus
* Box Set Bonus
* Deluxe Box Set Bonus
* Deluxe Plus Box Set Bonus
* Pack Set Bonuses
* Character Name Capsule Updated
* Navigate directly to production history by clicking on "F" icon displaying product name
* Edition Card Updated
* Lot Added to Edition Card
* Adopter Card Update
* Original Unlock Date Displayed
Messages - My Inbox Updated
* Delete button enlarged to improve usability
Login / Create Account / Forgot Password
* Email address field updated to ignore spaces placed by autocomplete causing login and account creation issues.

Various bug fixes and usability improvements.

Feb 09
Version 1.1.4

- Unlocked Serial Number design updated
- Username, Collector Score, and FiGPiN Power added
- Swipe to navigate collection
- Render Improvements
- Image full length of screen
- Prevent overlapping of top capsule
- Set Bonus Explainer Card now includes images of products required to unlock bonuses.
- Images optimized to load faster on various device screen resolutions
- Improvements to maintaining logged in state between application opens
- "FiGPiN Number" added to "Sort By" in "My FiGPiN Collection"
- Improvement to "Sort By FiGPiN Number" in product catalog

Jan 03
Version 1.1.3

- "My FiGPiN Collection" viewable as vertically scrolling grid,
- "My FiGPIN Collection" sortable by:
- Date Adopted
- Edition
- Sequence Number
- Unlock Position
- Volume
- Property
- Last Updated
- Performance improvements to Catalog and "My Serial Collection"
- Notifications cleared after viewing messages

Nov 26
Version 1.1.2

- Verification Requests: Dispute pin ownership by providing video recording*
- Serial number hidden by default
- Message Inbox
- Application Design Updates
- Account registration improvements
- Search by property and licensor now supported

*Requires Camera and Microphone permission

Oct 08
Version 1.0.22

iOS 13 Support Added

Jun 18
Version 1.0.17

Updated Catalog View
- Search Results returned in grid view
- View By FiGPiN Type (i.e. FiGPiN, FiGPiN XL, FiGPiN mini)
- Sort By FiGPiN Number
- Sort By FiGPiN Character Name

Dec 20
Version 1.0.14

- Introduction of FiGGY Bank Points UI and Features
- Exclusives Catalog Added
- UI updated

Sep 10
Version 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5
- Scoring Engine Updated
- Score Engine Descriptions Added with Interactive Information Cards
- Introduction of Factory and Story Points
- Introduction of Unlocked FiGPiN Score Cards
- FiGPiN MiNis & XL Support Added
- UI updated
- Unlocked Pins no longer automatically added to users collection after entering serial number
- Unlocked Pins can now be released and adopted by another user

Jun 25
Version 1.0.3

Screenshot update

May 30
Version 1.0

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