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Live Up is a real-time and high-quality live broadcasting platform. We will provide you talented, cool, full-bodied broadcasters and fun multiplayer interactive live games! Say goodbye to tedious life and light up your passion with our broadcasters.
- Real-time beauty, high-quality live video, you will broadcast with confidence and become an idol in seconds
- Build a family system, group live streaming, sharing wonderfulness, too fun to stop
- Things can not be expressed by words, use our gifts instead and win constant lucky rewards
- Abundant bouncing and flying plays on screen make you the center of broadcaster's and audience's attention
- Adhere to green broadcasts, 24/7 real-time supervision, no evil and no pollution

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Social Networking

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Version History

Launched May 07, 2018 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Feb 01
Version 3.1.2

-Changed login button icon for "facebook" with more clear login description

Jan 27
Version 3.1.1

-Fixed some critical bugs that would cause a crash
-Changed login button icon for "facebook"

Jan 08
Version 3.1.0

- Official Agencies and Rank Chart added
- Family Levels added
- Push notification issue fixed

Sep 17
Version 3.0

1 Brand new user interface, brand new visual effect, and brand new experience
2. Upgraded beautification effect to make you even more gorgeous
3. Upgraded login process to prevent any difficulty of login
4. Displayed statistics of daily charm

Jun 24
Version 2.1.1

fix bug

Feb 28
Version 2.1.0

In this new version, we continue to refine many details to make the app look more beautiful. Furthermore, we optimize some processes and kill many bugs. We hope that you are able to invite more friends to join Live Up and have fun.

Feb 21
Version 2.0.3

Fix several bugs!

Jan 17
Version 2.0.2

Our App gradually stabilizes over the past few weeks. We now have another round of updates:

- Optimized the process that clan leaders go through to invite new members.
- Fixed the sharing feature, so you are able to share your streams with friends.
- Recovered timing function during live streaming.
- Changed the mechanism of charm: members will not take away charm from their families when they leave.

Dec 30
Version 2.0.1

In this new update, we incorporate many new changes:
- We killed bugs that lead to system crashes.
- We lifted restrictions on length of passwords: now you can go as long as you want.
- We perfected the password recovery function: a blessing for whoever that forgets passwords a lot.

Dec 23
Version 2.0.0

To begin with, we would like to express our gratitude towards all users who have been supporting us. We are under-staffed and have numerous things to do in order to improve LiveUp. Thank you all for your patience.

This time we redesign the entire APP structure and change the user interface. You can probably think about this version as a brand-new APP. Naturally, there will be problems, and we are standing by to fix them with quick iteration.
This upgrade incorporates the following changes:

- Redesigned the entire APP architecture; solved problems such streaming failure, crash during live broadcasting, and failure to display gifts.
- Added special gifts with cool animation effects.
- Improved the clan mechanisms, so that all members in one clan can share audiences, enhance interaction and form tight communities.
- Added the world barrage that can be seen by all audiences in the APP and transmission barrage that allows people to be transferred to the broadcasting rooms of the senders of such barrage.

Oct 17
Version 1.21

Dear broadcasters and viewers of Live Up :
We have successfully defended ourselves against vicious attacks from certain rats recently, but fortunately we succeeded. We have made big changes to our team and product in order to serve you better. Just a quick reminder, anyone who logs into the system from Facebook may be assigned a new account. If this happens, please let us know and we will help you to recover your original data. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are sure that we will do better jobs in the future :

- Upgraded third party login portal for Facebook, which may lead to change of accounts. Please let us know for any problems through gh admin@goliveup.com.
- Killed more bugs for the app and the app will be more user friendly

Sep 26
Version 1.20

Hello broadcasters,
In response to the requests of our artists, we have upgraded our app and now we have some new cool features:
- You are able to flip your phone around when you broadcast as much as you like.
- We have achieved partial success in killing some of the bugs in our app.

Sep 10
Version 1.19

Some Democrats made complaints because of our previous version instructions. The brothers of the Republican, where are you? Let us see your hands~We are not interested in politics, we just want you to stream and have fun!

- Fixed several bugs that caused the crash. After testing, the bugs have been completely solved. Say you want to update it.
- Kings and queens, although you want your nickname to be cool, but don't use too many messy characters, it will lead to crash again

Aug 30
Version 1.18

Recently, We worked as busy as Trump and killed bugs with no mercy, so, the effect of new version is unexpectedly perfect :

- Greatly optimized performance, solved a lot of crash errors, the APP let you feel silky smooth.

- Modified many details to make it easier for you to get lucky rewards! Have fun!

- fixed the app's core bug, which may cause users to fail making in-app purchases

Jul 31
Version 1.17

Buddies, long time no see, we miss you so much and we completed this update after struggled in the plight. Besides, there are a lot of great anchors coming, please come to support us:

- Updated the pictures and gift addresses to solve the problem of the sudden disappearance of the gift pictures.
- Solved the problem of login crash, raise your hands and wave! Have fun!

Jun 14
Version 1.16

Fixed several bugs

Jun 09
Version 1.15

Recently, we completed a great many optimization and performance updates. We are ready to run. Please pay attention to:

- Optimized room messages, faster and safer.
- Adjust various UI and experience to ensure application fluency.
- Prepare new gifts and mechanisms.

May 31
Version 1.11

Recently, we have discovered a very peculiar phenomenon. There are more than 500 downloads, but where are you, guys? We found the app is still empty, shouldn't it have full-screen interesting live streams? Let me see your hands up!

- Added background play mode so that you can listen to broadcasters bragging when switching back to the desktop.
- Optimized many details to make the APP perfect, well, we are obsessed.
- We are ready to start. How about coming out to take a breath, diving guys? let us know you are here!

May 29
Version 1.1

Summer came, the developers who are all wet with sweat run up a version, let's see hot and cool guys~

- Solved the problem of being unable to watch the live under the cellular data network. Caught a huge bug which everyone wants to kick it.
- Optimized a variety of unreasonable interaction and prompt message. Improved lots of user interface details and everyone kicked each other.
- Didn't see any beautiful girl on LiveUp? It means we haven't done well enough, everyone kicked himself.

May 08
Version 1.0

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