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Bloki is a mind-bending spatial puzzle game with a simple goal each level - flip and build the figure composed of cubes to place them on points that match their color.
Seems simple? Think again. With things like tiles that change color of cubes that touch them, obstacles which limit your movement or points that cannot be occupied by the cubes at all it adds up to a really challenging, yet fun and rewarding experience.
And on top of that, it trains your spatial intelligence, so the more you play - the smarter you get!

Bloki features:
- Minimal, clean and simple design
- Calming background music and bright sound effects
- A 100 of challenging and mind-bending levels
- No points, time limits or text - no distractions

Game is accompanied by the beautiful and relaxing background music composed by forsure audio - James Battams & Ryan Bullivant.

Made by Junkhive.

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Secondary: Puzzle

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Version History

Launched May 15, 2018 (over 2 years ago).
May 20
Version 1.1.1

- Bug fixes

May 16
Version 1.1

- We have fixed a bug causing some of the levels to be inaccessible
- We have changed the camera rotation gesture to a more intuitive and familiar one
- Fixing stability issues

May 15
Version 1.0