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The official app of Michigan State University. Keep up-to-date with the latest events, read top news stories, explore the in-depth map of campus, and review dining options—all from your mobile device!

We encourage our Spartan family to send feedback as we continue to improve the app.

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Version History

Launched May 24, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 27 days, on average.

Jun 04
Version 15

- New Student Orientation schedule and information
- Student course grades

Apr 30
Version 14

- Dining options are now shown on the map! The locations of Dining Halls, Sparty’s, and Starbucks have been added, and the building info pane now lists the associated dining options.
- Fixed a bug that forced some users to reload the app after signing in to view their schedule.
- UI improvements in how bus routes and bus positions are shown on the map.
- Fixed a bug that switched dining halls to be listed alphabetically on the home page. The app now lists them by distance, as it did previously.
- Dining hall menus now provide a link to show the dining hall location on the map.
- Search text is now highlighted when searching for buildings on the map.
- Fixed a bug in which live bus positions appeared on the map even after exiting the bus routes tab.
- Other minor performance and accessibility improvements.

Mar 28
Version 13

- Live bus positions appear on the map when viewing a bus route
- Current distance to dining halls appears in the dining lists

Feb 26
Version 12

- Sparty's and Starbucks information and locations are now available in the dining section
- Swipe between meal periods in the dining hall menus

Jan 03
Version 11

- Student course schedule are now available in the app! View the courses you are enrolled in, their meeting times, locations, and professors

Dec 21
Version 10

* Department and event locations are clickable and open to the location on the map
* Minor bug fixes and security updates

Nov 13
Version 9

- Changes main navigation hierarchy
- Adds generic university resources

Oct 11
Version 8

- Adds CATA bus information to Maps

Oct 05
Version 7

- Support for iOS 12 and new iPhone XS Max screen size
- Fixes pin and route centering on the map
- Adds loading spinner and more informative messages to dining halls
- Improves performance of network requests

Sep 06
Version 6

- Adds walking, biking, and walking accessible directions to maps
- Adds construction areas to the map when getting directions
- Adds parking lot information to search
- Improvements with map drawer user interactions

Aug 23
Version 5

- Fixes issue with dining hall menu

Aug 16
Version 4

- Updates the MSUToday news icon from the "Spartan S" to the "Spartan Helmet".

May 26
Version 3

- Changed App store name from "Michigan State" to "Michigan State University"

May 25
Version 2

- Updated MSU map resolution

May 24
Version 1.0

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