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Do you love My Pretend Hospital? My Pretend Big City Playhouse? Do you love My Family games, and more? Do you love My Pretend Airport and My Pretend Nature? Then you will LOVE My Pretend Home & Family - Kids Play Town Games!

Play in 7 different rooms of the house with your family and friends! Play in the Garage, and tinker with the car! Change the color of the vehicle, and place stickers on it, and use tools! Fuel it up too!

Play in the backyard pool, and hop into one of the fun floats! Have a BBQ and eat some food!

Play with your siblings upstairs in the bedroom! Jumping on the bed is permitted! Grab toys, draw on the canvas, and have fun playing in your bedroom!

Play in the Kitchen with all the kitchen tools and bake up something delicious!

My Pretend Home & Family - Kids Play Town is great fun for all ages! Especially those that love Pretend Home Games, Pretend City, My Pretend Airport and more!

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Primary: Education

Secondary: Family

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Version History

Launched Feb 23, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Nov 18
Version 1.4

- Character Button Updates
- Professional Voice overs for instructions in each room
- Updated ads for appropriate audience targeting

Dec 05
Version 1.3

Major updates & Improvements:

- Added 16 additional characters to the character platform
- Save feature for all items moved in each room
- Ad network improvements with less intrusive ads

Stay tuned for updates across our entire portfolio under new management!

Sep 21
Version 1.2

Massive overhaul and reprogrammed engine with many new features!


-Over 24 characters total with new character buttons, and categories!
-Localization in over 6 countries plus additional localization options in the menu.
-Improved gameplay, interaction, and scene management.
-All characters available to interact with in each room so the player has access to the same characters in each scene

Stay tuned for additional updates across our entire portfolio under new management!

Feb 26
Version 1.1

Updates & Fixes: Fixed the garage and bathroom so they scroll back and forth.

Improvements & Enhancements!

Feb 23
Version 1.0

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