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Have you found a beautiful slot? If so enjoy the best slot machine game, [Olivia Loves Slots!]
[Olivia Loves Slots] can play over 20 slot machines.

Amazing graphics, realistic slot games, various winning prizes, winning opportunities that differ from previous games.
An overwhelming number of chips. [Olivia Loves Slots] has all of these.
We cordially invite you to play the most beautiful slot machine, [Olivia Loves Slots]

@ Do not miss this opportunity! You can win more bonuses than you ever thought you could.
- Tip1. Don’t miss the endless level-up bonuses!
- Tip2. You get a free chip every 2 hours! The amount of free chips increases as you level up
- Tip3. Rewards are restored every day! You accumulate huge amounts just by logging in on a daily basis.
- Tip4. Reach the VIP level! You get way more free chips with more benefits.
- Tip5. Can you become a VIP just by levelling up? Yes, you can become a VIP by levelling up at Olivia Loves Slots.
- Tip6. Play new slot machines that open every 2 weeks. You get 10 free spins when you play for the first time!

@ 2 times Free chips – Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire free chips every two hours!
@ Store bonus – The store provides free chips every 8 hours!
@ Enjoy the new and realistic slot machines that open every 2 weeks!
@ We provide 10 free spins for the new slot machines that open every 2 weeks!
@ Daily wheel bonus – We instantly provide daily free spins. Of course, there is an opportunity to challenge again.
@ VIP level – You acquire more free chips once you reach the VIP level.
@ Searching for a JACKPOT? Here is GRAND JACKPOT with a prize worth winning.

- Combo! Combo! Combo! Slots full of flowers. Let those flowers bloom in the [Olivia Garden] slot machines!
- Here is the strike of Zeus’s thunderbolt! Huge WIN is a given with [Rich of Zeus].
- Jungle inside a jungle! Find the Gorilla inside the [Super Gorilla] slot machine!
- [GRAY WOLF] Once the full moon rises in the slot machine, the wild wolves begin their hunt.
- Ever heard of the TRUMP card? Enjoy the Trump game with our slot machines!

[Olivia Loves Slots] has everything! Start now and WIN BIG!

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Version History

Launched Apr 08, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Aug 14
Version 2.30

- Minor bug fixed

Aug 09
Version 1.70

- New Theme added!
- Beautiful Graphic
- More bonus
- Piggy Bank system added
- Minor bug fixed

Apr 20
Version 1.10

- New Casino Game
- You can enjoy super great game!

Apr 09
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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