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Dear diary, I used to be the most popular girl in my high school. Girls in the cheerleader squad all admired me, I was their captain, I was THE PERFECT Haley Peterson.

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest girl in the world, I have the greatest BFF Evelyn and I also have the best boyfriend. He is Jason, he is the star of our school football team. We perfectly match to each other.
However, all things changed suddenly.
I accidentally broke my legs, Evelyn replaced me and won the cheerleading competition. She also stole my boyfriend, Jason. I broke up with my best friend and my boyfriend on the same day.
Later, I found out my injury was caused by Evelyn. The whole thing is a conspiracy. I started to fight back…I call it MY REVENGE.

-Practice cheering skills then get points for creativity and performance!
-Get a gorgeous makeover and a beautiful hairstyle with your BFF!
-Decorate the stage for the rehearsal of national cheerleading contest!
-Are you ready to become the STAR cheerleader?! Cheer your way to the top!
-Oops, something is wrong with your sneakers, you fall down to the floor! What will happen after your injury?
- Receive comfort from your best friend and boyfriend!
- Use tools to heal your wound.
- Find out your bestie has a secret crush on your boyfriend!
- Clean up your mess makeup after crying.
- Follow your best friend and your boyfriend to the cinema.
- Will your boyfriend cheat on you for real? Why your best friend betray you?

More school love stories? Having problems or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

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