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You are trapped in endless, loopy mazes. Hop and collect as many dots as possible. Remember to stay away from the ghosts along the way. How long can you last?

"Runny Mazes" is a non-stop, exciting, free to play maze runner game.


- Tired of running and jumping all the time? So let's take a break at each new maze to play hundreds of challenging Sokoban puzzles. Be aware, these Sokoban puzzles are crazy difficult but highly addictive! More Sokoban levels will be added in upcoming updates.


- Endless classic game play
- Random generated mazes with no duplications
- Random seasonal theme at each new maze: Green Summer, Orange Autumn, Snowy Winter, Galaxy Space
- 4 enemy ghosts with different AI and speed at maze corners. Those ghosts will start chasing you as soon as the game begins
- Lots of obstacles: missiles, bombs and falling objects
- 4 Power Pellet at each maze. Eat Power Pellet to power up your character and kick out the Ghosts. Remember to use these Power Pellet wisely!
- Loads of characters: piglet, chicken, duck, super boy, bat boy, jumpy bird, etc. Many more coming in next updates
- Eye catching retro, pixel, blocky 3d graphics with 8 bit sound effects

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Version History

Launched Jan 09, 2018 (over 2 years ago).
Jan 11
Version 1.2.0

- Add iOS native rate asking
- Fix wrong link when rating game
- Add localizations for the app store page
- Several fixes and improvements

Jan 10
Version 1.1.0

- Add "Win Prize" button for character selection screen
- Fix an issue which does not allow replay game if user presses on "Close" button of "Win Prize" screen
- Add preview video on the store page
- Fix an issue that still asks for rating after it has been asked
- Several improvements

Jan 10
Version 1.0.0