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Welcome to GoGourmet, your healthy food partner! When you make the decision to be healthy and order from us, you’ll find out all about our ability to excite your taste buds, satiate the quest for nutrition-packed yet delicious food. Our most sincere attempt to redefine healthy, wholesome food on the go, only because we heard you and someone had to keep pace.
Made from the choicest, intelligently sourced ingredients of the finest quality, GoGourmet presents a mix of easy-to-consume food catering to local palates while incorporating international flavours. Choose from salads, wraps, meal bowls, salads and fruit bowls with ingredients ranging from exotic whole grain, edamame beans, shiitake mushrooms and black rice. Vegans and gluten-frees, this also includes you.
Our menu also offers a selection of hot and cold beverages but of course the almond milk variation for the dairy free and lactose intolerant. See, keeping pace.
All food is freshly made daily, under strict health and safety regulations, means you’re getting the cream of the crop. Quite literally.
So let us do the heavy lifting, pick the ingredients, balance the nutrition, ensure quality and put it all together for supremely easy consumption. All you have to do is walk in or order healthy food online from our app for exclusive offers.
Come GoGourmet with us, we’ll be waiting, timer in hand so we never fall behind in keeping pace.
Go Healthy, GoGourmet!

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