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Virtual Stock Market Simulator is a realtime stock market game, which allows you to trade your favorite stocks in a fun and risk-free manner. With its beautiful design and easy-to-use interface, you are set on your way to enhancing your stock market skills and developing new strategies without losing a single penny! Free stock trading in a gorgeously designed interface is all you need to have fun and learn the ins and outs of stock market trading with the best market simulator. This is a one-stop shop for you to learn and become a MILLIONAIRE investor!!

You start with $25k and can buy and sell stocks in realtime from the US stock exchange by quickly and easily trading stocks that you have been tracking through the app. The app allows you to see historical data, stats, and news for each individual quote so that you can make the most informed decision.

Realtime stock updates
Quotes/shares price, high, low, open, close, peRatio, market cap, volume are updated at realtime
No need to wait for 15 or 30 mins

Watchlist Quotes
You can add unlimited symbols to watchlist and track their real-time price movement
News is customized based on the stocks in your watchlist

Explore Stocks
See daily Gainers, Losers, and Most Active stocks
Search thousands of available stock from the search bar

Detailed Stock Info
1D, 1W, 1M, 3M, 6M, 1Y, 2Y, and 5Y worth of historical stock price charts
Details on your stock positions
Realtime stats like high, low, close, open, 52weekHi, 52WeekLo, volume, etc
Detail about the company like CEO, industry, sector, etc
News for each individual stock

Manage Portfolio and Orders
Chart showing how you portfolio have grown over time
See all your investments and current cash available
See how much and when you traded the quote

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Version History

Launched Dec 13, 2017 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jun 18
Version 4.3

Howdy Investors! Here's what's new in this version:
- Added more ways of earning free cash
- Some minor bug fixes and improvements

Jun 14
Version 4.2

Howdy Investors! Here's what's new in this version:
- Added reward video ads to get free cash
- Some minor bug fixes and improvements

May 07
Version 4.1

Howdy Investors! Here's what's new in this version:
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Apr 21
Version 4.0

Howdy Investors!!!
- We have removed and deactivated all accounts and leaderboard data as it was causing some issues. But don't worry you will still retain your cash and stocks.
- Some stable UI updates.
- Added different date ranges for graphs.

Aug 20
Version 3.1

Howdy Investors!!
- Bug fixes
- UI fixes for various screen sizes

Happy Trading!

Jul 27
Version 3.0

Howdy Investors!!
- Completely revamped the app for a better flow of UI
- Added graphs showing progress for cash, net worth, and investment
- Added headboard that shows the top 10 players
- Added account creation for users to save data
** Note that every user will require to create an account. All your previous progress will be saved in the account created.**

Happy Trading!

May 29
Version 2.3

Howdy Investors!!

- Minor bug fixes.
- Charts data and news data is under maintenance will will be available soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- We are on our way to a bigger update so stay tuned.

Happy Trading!

Jul 19
Version 2.2

Howdy Investors!!

- Fixed the bug where app won't allow selling stocks.
- Fixed the error where cash could go to negative.
- Added rewarded videos so users with lower cash than commission fee can still buy/sell stocks.
- Improved the stock historic graph.
- Other minor improvements.

Happy Trading!

Jul 02
Version 2.1

Howdy Investors!!

- Fixed the error where cash could possibly go to negative.
- Reduced commission fee to only $5!!
- Now start of with 25k instead of 10k!! More money more fun!!
- Minor Bug fixes

Happy Trading!

Jun 26
Version 2.0

Howdy Investors!!

Firstly, a big thank you to all the users for using the app. We really work hard for it!

Note: This update will reset your portfolio, but we highly recommend you to update as we think you are going to love it!!
- New Portfolio: Now the portfolio view displays more information about your stocks.
- All new Trade Market Place: Now you can discover new stocks to trade and add to your portfolio. You can view the gainers, losers, and most actively traded stocks here.
- All new Order History View: Keep track of all your transaction in one spot.
- A better display for your net worth, available cash, and investments.
- Enhanced graphs, more stock information, and stock news to more easily and better analyze stocks before trading.

Happy Trading!!

Dec 13
Version 1.0

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