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Magwa, the most prestigious scholar of arcane antiquities, has spent his life traveling the Vast Kingdom in search of powerful and fascinating magic items. He has explored the darkest dungeons and braved the dens of dragons to bring you a magic item collection like you've never seen. He has finally published a portion of his discoveries in this mobile application for you to use in your next RPG adventure.

His work includes over 30 free hand-drawn sketches and the option to buy many more. It even includes the ability to randomly generate items, create your own, and save them for later use. Magic, right?

While the compendium is simple to use, it is more than just a random magic item generator. As a dungeon master, you will have the power to generate thousands of random magic items with a single tap. You will also be able to create your own custom magic items or adapt random magic items to fit your game setting. Once you find an item you love, the magic item compendium lets you save it to your phone so you can pull it up quickly the next time you play. To top it all off, the compendium includes a handful of wondrous items that are ready for you to reference and use in your game.

The app is compatible with 5e materials and even pulls some of your favorite magic items straight from the D&D Systems Reference Document (SRD) via the Open Gaming License.

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Version History

Launched Jan 15, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Feb 18
Version 1.6.0

- Added Seas of the Viamaros adventure pack

Feb 16
Version 1.5.1

- Added The Shadow Index adventure pack

Oct 24
Version 1.5.0

- Added The Shadow Index adventure pack

Aug 15
Version 1.4.0

- Added The Red Ravens adventure pack
- Added more generic descriptions / mechanics

Jul 12
Version 1.3.1

- Added Gafan's Workshop adventure pack
- Added more generic descriptions / mechanics
- Fixed bonus mechanics altering name too often

May 19
Version 1.2.0

- Updated share feature
- Added Mines of Dimlodir Adventure Pack
- Added more descriptions / mechanics
- Added item lists to the filter page
- Many QOL improvements

Jan 17
Version 1.0.1

Adding the first adventure packs.

Jan 15
Version 1.0.0

Previous 3 versions

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