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Research shows that early relationships are important to the successful development of young children. Is your kid missing out?

Does your child have grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins that live far away?
Has your child been moved from their friends or family due to life circumstances?
Do you travel a lot, or live in another country?

Long distance relationships with your little one are hard to maintain (and time moves so quickly!) but with Toddie, distance doesn’t matter. Toddie can help nurture those important early relationships in a secure and safe way. It’s a parent-driven app for sending photos and short videos between preschool-aged children and their family and little friends. It’s not public like other social networks and apps, and isn’t focused on fancy filters and effects. It’s a simple and easy way to enhance actual communication between your child and their loved ones.

* Photos and short videos are the perfect medium for little kids that can’t read (or even talk!). Send a photo of their latest drawing or record a video of them just saying “hi!”.
* Most preschoolers are limited in their ability to engage in scheduled live video chats.
* Toddie can be used at any time, capturing memorable moments and early thoughts about their loved ones.
* Friends and family respond to your child directly (rather than just commenting on the latest picture you uploaded to a social network!).
* Separate all your child’s communication from your own social media accounts.
* Entirely private. Toddie is all about important one-to-one communication, not social networking. Share your child with only the people that matter.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Toddie is entirely parent-driven. It is not intended to be used directly by children themselves. It should only be installed on a parent’s phone, and all message content should be created at the discretion of that parent.

Toddie was created by us, Dean and Sara, parents of Ayla. We are an “international” couple from opposite sides of the planet, and avid travellers, which means that our young daughter can’t always “spend time” with loved ones and her little friends. Like many young kids she’s not keen on live video chatting! We also noticed that many of our friends with very young kids had family living far away. With Dean being an app designer/developer, and Sara being a trained social development educator, we decided to build a tool that would help nurture these early and important relationships and enrich our child’s younger years. We primarily built Toddie for ourselves but we hope you will find it useful too!

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Version History

Launched Nov 05, 2017 (about 1 year ago).
Nov 21
Version 1.1

- NEW FEATURE: You can now add captions to photos!
- Fixed a small notification bug

Nov 06
Version 1.0


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