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My Pet Family is an application for pet owners. It allows you to have the medical records and the complete follow-up of all your companions, in your pocket, wherever you are, from a single application.

Thanks to the application, you can manage the daily routine of all your pets, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, parrots... No more forgetting, no more delays for vaccinations, you will always know where you stand in the care of each of your companions.

With cloud mode, all data is automatically updated on the various iOS devices. This way, all family members can enter new events and each member will benefit from the update.

The features of My Pet Family :

* Registration of all useful addresses: veterinarian, educator, osteopath... With the possibility to contact directly from the app.

* Recording of all the interventions and information concerning your animals: vaccinations, treatments, controls... Have all the information at hand.

* Schedule your appointments and alerts, with the Calendar app, directly from My Pet Family application. You will be alerted for your cat's next deworming session or for your appointment with the veterinarian.

* Constitute a complete medical file for each of your animals, in a single application, with the possibility of recording all important documents: prescriptions, analyses, identification certificate...

* Follow the evolution of your animals' weight by checking their weight curve.

* For specific diets, create a menu adapted for each day of the week.

* With the possibility of recording gynaecological data of your pet, you can for example follow the heat cycle in a precise way.

* Consult the main physiological data of different species of pets.

My Pet Family application is the ideal tool to organize the daily of your pets efficiently and with peace of mind.

And if you have suggestions for improvement for the application, do not hesitate to let me know : http://mypetfamilyapp.wordpress.com/contact/

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Primary: Health & Fitness

Secondary: Medical

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Version History

Launched Sep 28, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Mar 13
Version 2.5

This version fixe a bug in the "synthesis" view.
I have also improvered the readability of the curves in the "weight" and "ages" views.
Desiring that application constantly evolving, do not hesitate to make me by your remarks, ideas, questions by sending an email to: contact.mesanimauxetmoi@gmail.com

Nov 09
Version 2.4

This release improves iOS 12 compatibility, and supports new XR and XS iPhones and the new iPad Pro. With Swift 4.2 and Firebase 5, this version is also faster on older devices.
Some discrets bugs have also benn fixed :) .
Desiring that application constantly evolving, do not hesitate to make me by your remarks, ideas, questions by sending an email to: contact.mesanimauxetmoi@gmail.com

Apr 24
Version 2.3

With this new version, you can re-organize the list of animals with a simple drag and drop.
The application also allows to mark an animal as deceased, while keeping accessible its data.
Finally, you can now take advantage of the application's "Cloud" mode by logging in with your Facebook account.
As usual, I'm listening to any idea, suggestion or question to evolve the application: https://mesanimauxetmoi.wordpress.com/contact/

Mar 09
Version 2.2

You can have now a quick look at the latest events (vaccinations, treatments, heats...) with tle synthesis function. All the events are now date classifieds.

Jan 22
Version 2

This version now includes a "menu" button to quickly return to the home. I also added the category "Dentist" and followed allergic crises in the interventions. A bug crashing the app with some contacts has also been fixed.

Nov 30
Version 1.8

Addition of a "grooming" section in the interventions and improvement of the visibility of the "save" button in the entry forms.

Nov 06
Version 1.6

The application is now optimized for the display of the iPhone X. Data recording in "Cloud" mode has been optimized. Improved display when the software keyboard is used.

Oct 19
Version 1.5

Switching the application to swift 4 language. Correction of some spelling mistakes. Updating screenshots. Minor bug fixes. Improved management of names and events titles.

Sep 28
Version 1.0

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