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Time is a teacher’s most valuable resource. Save time and use Canvas more efficiently from your mobile device with Canvas Teacher.

Canvas Teacher allows teachers to facilitate their courses on the go, both inside and outside the classroom. This app provides quick access to three of the most frequent course facilitation tasks for teachers:

• GRADING: Browse submissions and provide feedback to your students with a new and improved mobile SpeedGrader embedded in this app.
• COMMUNICATING: Send announcements and messages (including "Message Students Who..."), and participate in course discussions from the palm of your hand.
• UPDATING: Need to change a due date? Or publish an assignment? Or fix a misspelling? Canvas Teacher allows you to update your course content.

Canvas Teacher is the perfect mobile Canvas companion for course facilitation!

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Version History

Launched Jul 21, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 20 days, on average.

May 24
Version 1.8.3

- Fixed a bug where the dashboard would have an error
- Fix Voice Over focus on the dashboard course card

May 21
Version 1.8.2

- Fixed a bug preventing SAML login
- Fixed a crash during login
- Fixed a bug that would prevent Collaborations from loading
- Fixed dashboard card color overlays

May 16
Version 1.8.1

- Fixed issue scrolling between submissions in SpeedGrader
- Updated sort order on submissions list
- Fixed errors when creating and editing pages
- Fixed errors when grading assignments assigned to sections
- Updated module headers to wrap instead of truncate
- Other bug fixes

May 02
Version 1.8

- Added support for viewing modules
- Updated support for Apple Pencil
- Optimized use of temporary file storage
- Fixed a bug with group assignment grading for students not in groups
- Fixed a bug with previewing HTML course files
- Fixed a bug with file switching in SpeedGrader
- Fixed an error when sending messages to more than 100 recipients
- Added an option to give text annotations a transparent background
- Other bug fixes

Mar 04
Version 1.7.3

- Added support for displaying grade overrides
- Added an option in system settings to always launch external tools in Safari
- Fixed inconsistencies in courses displayed on dashboard
- Fixed list sorting
- Fixed issues with media comments on group submissions
- Fixed issues displaying grades for concluded courses

Jan 21
Version 1.7.2

- Fixed issue with submission viewing for students with inactive section enrollments
- Fixed issues updating due dates on quizzes with multiple due dates
- Fixed issues viewing media submissions in SpeedGrader
- Fixed custom theming inconsistencies
- Updated to-do tab badge to display counts above 99 items
- Updated support for right-to-left languages
- Added support for custom language packs
- Other bug fixes

Dec 18
Version 1.7.1

- Fixed issues with annotations appearing rotated or flipped
- Fixed a bug that would prevent quiz previews from loading
- Fixed routing to pages with special characters in the name
- Fixed issue where hidden LTI tools were showing up in the course navigation
- Fixed a bug in composing messages where selecting all roles in a section wasn't working
- Fixed a bug where rubric items based on outcomes that have been marked for not affecting the rubric score were affecting the shown rubric score
- Fixed rubric rating tooltip when there are multiple ratings with the same value.
- Fixed a bug where tapping upload links on a quiz submission in speedgrader would make it impossible to get back to the submission
- Fixed an issue with pressing OK in the grade picker for a previously excused submission
- Fixed rounding of fractional values in grades

Oct 16
Version 1.7

- Added support for annotating images in SpeedGrader
- Added eraser support to SpeedGrader
- Added search to course and user files

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a problem with loading the Attendance LTI tool
- Fixed showing subfolders named with special characters
- Accessibility improvements

Sep 05
Version 1.6.4

Fixed refreshing page details.

Aug 13
Version 1.6.3

Improved reliability of annotations in SpeedGrader.
Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when composing a message

Aug 06
Version 1.6.2

- Removed native content margins from rich content
- Fixed deleting inbox conversations when viewing them from a push notification
- Adds support for new Anonymous Grading feature flag
- Fixed a bug that would cause submission comments to be removed if the device was rotated
- Fixed a bug that would cause the front page to be displayed when navigating to pages list
- Fixed login links that open in a new tab (including discovery pages)
- Fixed pasting into rich content editors

May 29
Version 1.6.1

* Disabled tabs now show up in course navigation
* Tapping a link to groups and grades now launches Safari instead of showing an error
* Imported discussions show the correct date

May 21
Version 1.6

* Embed media from user files into rich content
* Reset app on next launch from app settings

Bug fixes:
* Fixed refreshing announcements when there are no announcements
* Fixed filtering assignments by grading period after filtering in a different course
* Fixed a bug that would cause manually graded assignments with no submission to be labeled as missing
* Fixed a bug with changing grades with a late policy applied
* Fixed a bug that would prevent scrolling through a discussion
* Fixed a bug that would cause pinned discussions to not show up in Pinned section
* Fixed deleting files
* Fixed viewing files from deep links
* Fixed the displayed folder counts
* Fixed a bug that would cause SpeedGrader to never load
* Fixed a bug that would cause pin annotations to appear distorted
* Fixed linking to the pages list on iPad
* Fixed images in rich content aligned by percentage
* Fixed launching Conferences, Collaborations, and Outcomes from Course Navigation
* Fixed deep linking to module items
* Fixed a bug that would cause a black screen to appear when opening the navigation drawer after linking to a tabbed view
* Disabled LTI navigation items are no longer displayed
* Fixed linking to LTI tools
* Fixed a bug that would cause large text in rich content to overlap
* Fixed a bug that would cause the keyboard to hide the rich content editor on iPad
* Fixed viewing rich content that went beyond the right edge of the screen
* Fixed a bug that would cause the expand button to disappear on iPad
* Fixed several bugs around deep links
* Fixed a bug where VoiceOver would start in the wrong place when launching SpeedGrader

May 03
Version 1.5.4

- Bug fixes

May 01
Version 1.5.3

- Bug fixes

Apr 25
Version 1.5.2

- Bug fixes

Mar 29
Version 1.5.1

- Support for section-specific announcements
- Support for launching embedded LTIs to external browsers
- Performance enhancements for context cards
- Bug fixes

Mar 27
Version 1.5

- Support for section-specific announcements
- Support for launching embedded LTIs to external browsers
- Performance enhancements for context cards
- Bug fixes

Mar 06
Version 1.4.1

- Fixed an issue in SpeedGrader where updating an assignment grade caused the submission in view to change

Mar 01
Version 1.4

- Support for push notifications
- To-do list count badges
- Support for late policies
- Bug fixes

Feb 18
Version 1.3.3

- Bug fixes

Jan 15
Version 1.3.2

- Bug fixes

Dec 18
Version 1.3.1

- Bug fixes

Dec 11
Version 1.3

- Support for adding/editing pages
- Support for adding/editing files
- Support for To Do list

Nov 21
Version 1.2.4

- Bug Fixes

Nov 20
Version 1.2.3

- Bug fixes

Nov 02
Version 1.2.2

- Fixed a bug with annotations not showing

Nov 01
Version 1.2.1

- Bug fixes

Oct 23
Version 1.2

- Support for attendance
- Filtering submissions by section
- Bug fixes

Sep 30
Version 1.1.1

- Fixed an issue with SpeedGrader not saving grades properly when a filter was applied

Sep 25
Version 1.1

- People list
- Context cards
- Audio/video comments in SpeedGrader
- Add attachments to discussions, announcements and inbox messages
- Bug fixes

Aug 17
Version 1.0.3

- Bug fixes

Jul 27
Version 1.0.2

- Fixed a bug that prevented instructors with custom roles from viewing their courses
- Fixed several bugs that would cause the app to crash
- More bug fixes and stability improvements

Jul 24
Version 1.0.1

- Performance and stability improvements.

Jul 21
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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