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Bonney is a nerdy girl. She doesn’t have a beautiful look, but actually, she is a smart, kind and interesting girl. In the deep of her mind, she is also looking for a boy who can understand her.

Justin is a famous teenage pop star. They never have the intersection until Justin transfers to Bonney’s school and becomes the partner of Bonney in chemistry class!

Girls in the school are jealous of Bonney, especially the cheerleader Jessica. She laughs at Bonney and bullies her! So Justin tries to help Bonney.

And through their communication, Justin finds Bonney has something pretty inside of her. So he decides to invite her to dance at the homecoming party!

So what will they happen next? Will Bonney accept his invitation? Will they have a romantic night?
You can find all the answers in the game!

-The most interesting Chemistry class!
-“Ouch!!” Bonney gets hurt in basketball class. Please help her to deal with it!
-“Oh! No! Who did it? ” What’s the matter with Bonney? Is it a warning from Jessica?
-“Oh my god! He invites me to dance at Homecoming party!”
-Pick out the most beautiful outfit for Bonney. She needs to be perfect in front of Justin.
-“It’s so romantic that I can dance with Justin. Is it a dream?”

And so much more are waiting for you to find out!

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Launched Aug 15, 2017 (over 1 year ago).
Aug 28
Version 1.1

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Aug 16
Version 1.0


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