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Nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, proverbs, great prose and poetry. These timeless texts are missing words. Tap the author's word and feel clever. Don’t know it? Don’t sweat it! Our ”Wrong answers” are usually pretty funny. Now you can even add your own!

Nearly 5,000 timeless words in 50 playable texts with over 1,500 missing words and 15,000 hand-crafted Novel alternatives to select...or avoid.

* RELAX in Zen Mode or THRILL to Timed Mode
* LAUGH at the Silly solutions
* REFLECT on the Tricky ones and the source texts
* CREATE custom solutions
* READ the original texts
* SAVE your completed texts however you filled those gaps
* REVIEW your saved versions
* COMPARE your solution to the author's
* ADMIRE the classy Victorian styling
* ENJOY a growing collection of playable texts (see below)


* DISCOVER classic texts playfully with your kids
* GIGGLE at the puns, crazy rhymes, category errors,...
* GROW from ACCESSIBLE texts like proverbs and nursery rhymes to literary gems from Shakespeare, Dickens, Byron, Wordsworth and more
* BOOKISH KIDS love it, even if (especially because?) it’s not “made for kids”


* Unlimited player profiles on the same device
* No ads or in-app purchases
* Works offline
* No links or sharing outside the app


* Think you know these texts cold? Try picking the _wrong_ Tricky word on purpose every time with a time limit. We call that 100% Novel. It can be brutal!
* Have you got the endurance to complete the Virtuoso Race on “Once more unto the breach”? How about the “Major-General’s Song”?
* Achievements for all modes of play, text collections and challenge categories. How many can you earn?

WARNING: possible side effects of playing WordWhile include: increased vocabulary, improved memory, greater familiarity with literary classics, learning poems and famous speeches by heart...and laughter. The WordWhile Editorial Team assumes no responsibility for any learning incurred as a result of playing WordWhile...but the laughing is entirely our fault.


The collection of playable texts is growing and any new texts will come to you as free updates. That is worth repeating: when WordWhile gets an update, take a look at "What's New". There are always new texts to try.

1) “Proverbs”: over 40 well-known proverbs divided into eight playable texts

2) “Shakespeare: Speeches and Sonnets”: "To be or not to be", "O Romeo", "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" and five others

3) "Children's Classics" --- 8 nursery rhymes, tongue twisters and several "Poems Every Child Should Know" including "Jabberwocky" (ADDED September 2017)

4) "Pickin's from Dickens": "Please, sir, I want some more", "It was the best of times", and 10 more (ADDED September 2017)

5) "Selected Poems": "How do I love thee", "She walks in beauty", "Death, be not proud" and 5 more (ADDED Winter 2017)

6) "Love, sweet love": "Roses are red", quotes from Fitzgerald's "Tender is the Night", Hamlet's love letter to Ophelia, Hugo, Austen, Burns (8 texts, ADDED Valentine's Day 2018)

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Version History

Launched Jun 21, 2017 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Jul 14
Version 2.1.1

Correcting a few typos and pesky bugs pointed out by my longtime friend CD—stout fellow!

Feb 14
Version 2.1

LOVE is in the air with this The Valentine’s Day Update. As is our custom, we have added more playable texts:
— a new collection of eight LOVE-themed texts including some Fitzgerald, some Victor Hugo in translation and a bit more Shakespeare, as requested in User Reviews
— all the “Selected Poems” are now playable (for a total of eight)
— all the “Pickin’s From Dickins” are also now playable at long last (for a total of 12)

Other improvements introduced are:
— a Novelty Exposure Gauge which indicate the fraction of Novel possibilities for a given text that have been show to you during the current gaming session
— many more Achievements with better progress messages, suggestions for experimentation and browsing in the Gallery
— the Tutorial has been streamlined (Thank-you for the feedback, Notorious R.O.B.)

As always, thank-you for your wonderful feedback and reviews. Your LOVE of WordWhile warms the HEART of The WordWhile Editorial Team (a.k.a. Me). Send me a Valentine: greg@goojaji.com

Dec 07
Version 2.0

- CREATE your own Novel solutions to fill in the gaps
- SAVE texts for later viewing
- Looks great on iPhone X now too
- Another playable addition to the "Selected Poems" collection: "Major-General’s Song"

Nov 04
Version 1.3.2

The sonnet ”Remember” by Christina Georgina Rossetti, Lord Byron‘s ”She Walks In Beauty” and Yeat’s “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”. The other texts in Dickens and Selected Poems will be along shortly. The WordWhile Editorial Team is almost finished work on the Major-General's Song. How do you make a silly song sillier?

Suggestions for future texts? Questions? Affectionate comments? greg@goojaji.com, if you please.

Sep 19
Version 1.3

More texts, a new app icon and lines in the right order!
1) The first eight (of a planned 12) texts in "Pickin's from Dickens" are here to play. "Flite's birds" in Timed Tricky mode is exceptionally brutal.
2) The raw (readable in Choose & Peruse but not yet playable) texts for the next collection, "Selected Poems".
3) New app icon that I call "Chill & Skull". Hoping it better conveys WordWhile's mix of classy and playful. Let me know what you think wordwhile@goojaji.com.
4) We have also fixed a bug causing lines of text to appear out of order, as that just will not do.

The texts in the collection "Player's Picks" speak volumes. Thanks for your support and enjoy the Dickens out this update (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Sep 01
Version 1.2.1

New Texts! A collection of Children's Classics to challenge and delight: nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, nonsense poems and some "Poems Every Child Should Know". Coming next: "Pickin’s from Dickens"

We have removed the sharing feature in this update, as it was proving problematic for Librarians, Teachers and others wishing to introduce younger players to the delights of WordWhile. Please contact greg@goojaji.com for more information and support should the loss of this feature be particularly upsetting to you.

Need we remind you, Dear Player, that a rating on the App Store is always appreciated? Why yes, you **could** do it this very moment. Thank-you for your encouragement!

Jul 21
Version 1.1

We humbly submit that the brief Tutorial in WordWhile is greatly improved in this Version. Some trifling “bugs” have also been eliminated.

**** Please do take a moment to ”rate and review”, as they say. ****

A Collection of Children's Classic texts (nursery rhymes and the like) is coming soon. Send your text suggestions/requests to greg@goojaji.com.

Jun 21
Version 1.0

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