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This professional app — “Japanese Candlestick Patterns” has successfully helped more than 15,849 (still counting) novice forex traders to be profitable.

Japanese Candlestick Patterns are a powerful analytical tool that can produce rosy returns for you in forex trading.

There are many candlestick patterns available but only few patterns provide strong reversal signals and are worth knowing.

We have summarized the 14 most powerful reversal candlestick patterns here to help you understand and master them quickly (in less than 5 days). Learning the Japanese Candlestick Patterns has never been so easy and fun. Let's get your journey started now!

What will you get on the Japanese Candlestick Patterns app?

[Learning Hub] to learn the 14 MOST POWERFUL reversal candlestick patterns.
[Pattern Diagnostic Tool] to guide you in recognizing, validating and trading the candlestick patterns.
[Quiz] to solidify your knowledge and identify your weaknesses.
[Simulator] to practice & improve your trading skills of candlestick patterns.
[Traders Lab] to gain insights (and tips!) of Japanese Candlestick Patterns.
[Daily Inspirational Quotes] to inspire you every single day throughout your trading journey.

“Japanese Candlestick Patterns” is NOT for everyone. It is EXCLUSIVELY for serious novice forex traders who truly want to be consistently profitable. If you are the one, click the "Install" button above and download it for FREE now!

From zero to hero. See you on the inside !

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Version History

Launched Jun 08, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 27 days, on average.

Apr 03
Version 1

-fixed minor bugs

Mar 24
Version 1.1.0

-fixed screen compatibility issue on IPhone X

Feb 12
Version 1.0.9

-fixed no sound when phone in silent mode

Dec 14
Version 1.0.8

-Fixed minor bugs

Dec 10
Version 1.0.7

-Fixed minor bugs

Nov 14
Version 1.0.6

-Added Trading Simulator!
-Fixed some minor bugs

Sep 23
Version 1.0.5

-Fixed IOS 11 compatibility issue

Sep 05
Version 1.0.4

-Added "Ask a Pro" button
-Fixed minor bug in Traders Lab

Aug 28
Version 1.0.3

- new features: Pattern Diagnostic Tool, Quiz

Jul 12
Version 1.0.2

-new menu interface
-added the basics and glossary categories
-added Chinese version

Jun 12
Version 1.0.1

-minor bug fixed
-ipad screen compatibility issue fixed
-grey bar on top removed

Jun 08
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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