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Our mission is to support USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price. By keeping our production in the USA we provide jobs and a tax base that supports our communities


In 2002 Lawson Nickol had a comfortable job he enjoyed as a sales manager for a US jeans manufacturer. One evening while shopping in a retail store he discovered his company's label on a pair of jeans; a style he had not seen before. He thought, “great, our retail division has branched into chain stores and that means healthy growth. This is good!" Then Lawson noticed the words "Made in Mexico" on the label and his heart sank.

Within days he resigned his job, but didn’t quit his dream. Lawson founded All American Clothing Co. with his son, BJ.

The Nickols operated the company from 2002 until 2019 and, sadly, Lawson passed away in 2020. Today the company is owned by a new generation of young entrepreneurs who are passionate about providing Americans with jobs, and continues to produce thousands of pairs of blue jeans every year, along with other quality apparel. We continue to operate from our Arcanum, Ohio headquarters and the Nickol family remains involved in the strategy and daily operations of the company.

Our motto, “Make Something Happen Today” came from Lawson’s relentless pursuit of his dream, and the way he motivated all of us around him.

With our mobile app, you can participate in the "Made in America" movement by visiting our Home site, accessing our social media feeds, browsing our Products and Photo Gallery, as well as testing your knowledge of our State Capitols...ALL IN ONE PLACE!

+ 4-Tab Command Center
- Home: visit our website & social media
- Products: American Made items we make & sell
- Gallery: visit our photo gallery
- Capitols: State Capitol images, flags, population info

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Primary: Shopping

Secondary: Business

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Version History

Launched May 01, 2017 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Feb 14
Version 3.4.0

iOS 14 compatible!

Performance and stability improvements

- NEW app display name!
- Retired "Sound Effects" option
- Slide out menu restored for macOS!

Home tab
- NEW link to YouTube channel

Products tab
- Tap "Info" button to zoom image & details
(or, LONG TAP a cell to zoom / expand)
- Tap anywhere in cell to jump to Product page
- Streamlined text display of filters in use

Gallery tab
- MORE images for your enjoyment

Sep 07
Version 3.3.0

Speed, visual & other improvements
- Command Center: cool view transitions!
- Products: images cached for FASTER views!
- Products: 3 view layouts to choose from!
- Sound Effects: NEW sound (can you ID it?)

Products tab
- NEW "cycle" button, tap to pick view layout
- NEW scope bar to see Featured | All | Recent
(replaces Jeans | Shirts | Footwear options)
(see Category filter button below)
- BLUE background for selected scope option
- NEW icon for Brand button, tap for list
- GENDER button moved up next to Brand button
- NEW Category button, tap to select from list
- Tap Product IMAGE for larger Image & Details
(no longer supports LONG tap on a cell)
(detail text now scrolls for lots of info!)
- Tap Product TEXT to see product website page
- Tap SHARE icon to share on Facebook | Twitter

Gallery tab
- NEW white border for that "polaroid" look!
- NEW background that is easier on the eyes

Capitols tab
- NEW white border for that "polaroid" look!
- BLUE background for selected scope option

Jul 01
Version 3.2.0

Performance and stability improvements

App Menu
- New "What's New" view (you're looking at it!)
- Slide out menu restored for iPads!

Products tab
- TAP record status or icon for BRAND picker
- BRANDS list filtered by Jeans, Shirts, Footwear
- 2-column view now for all iPhone models
- Extra column in view for iPad 12.9" models
- LONG tap a cell to zoom image and details
- GENDER filter button moved to scope bar

Jun 16
Version 3.1.0

+ Command Center updated to multi-tab
- Home: visit our website & social media
- Products: 100% USA Made we make & sell
- Gallery: visit our photo gallery
- Capitols: State Capitol images, flags, info

+ iPad keyboard support
- Cmd+1 to Cmd+4 toggles tab bar tabs

+ Sidebar menu
- UPDATED sidebar menu look on iPhones
- POPUP view on iPads, not slide-out
- Now shows version and build

- Compatible with our macOS app (NEW!)
- Performance and stability improvements

Home tab
- easy access to our Website & Bio
- easy access to Social Media feeds

Products tab
- Jeans, Shirts & Footwear in a single view
- Product list is now downloaded (LIVE!)
- Product images are now downloaded (LIVE!)
- Text filter searches names & descriptions
- Scope bar to view Jeans, Shirts or Footwear
- Gender icon to view for Men, Women or Both
- Pull-down to Shuffle product records
- Brand spinning-wheel picker filters records
- Tap Product image to zoom full size
- Product share button & message leaned

Gallery tab - NEW!
- Browse our favorite product & social photos

State Capitols - NEW!
- Test your knowledge of our 50 States
- Text filter searches Names & Capitals
- Scope bar to view for a Time Zone (or All)
- Populations up-to-date with 2019 data
- Tap Capitol or Flag image to zoom full size
- Play Sound clip, can pause and resume

Oct 01
Version 3.0.0

iOS 13 compatible!

Command Center
+ Product Galleries
- Large Titles display fixed
+ Shuffle icon replaced
- Pull Down to shuffle
+ Gender (filter) icon added
- Men, Women, or All
- Share icon & text updated

+ All sidebar menu icons updated
+ Email Us updated
+ Auto Launch Home tuned
+ Startup images & sounds
- Holiday shopping season added

Aug 16
Version 2.7.0

Command Center
+ Product Galleries
- use larger images
- new "Share" option

+ About view updated
+ Share Us image improved
+ Privacy Policy updated

Jun 26
Version 2.6.0

NEW app features and improvements!

App launch
- NEW animated Welcome image

App menu
- Share Us: tweaked & improved
- NEW "Auto Launch Home" On|Off toggle
- NEW Privacy Policy

Command Center view NEW!
- Home: Company website & Bio
+ Product Galleries group NEW!
- Denim Jeans (& more)
- Shirts
- Footwear
+ Social Media Feeds group
- MOVED off App menu
- Google+: removed

Aug 28
Version 2.3.1

"Share Us": fixed sharing of app image (compatible with Twitter)

Aug 24
Version 2.3.0

Maintenance Release
- Updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X
- Upgraded iOS web framework
- App menu banner image no longer encroaches into device title bar
- "Share Us" no longer includes an image (for Twitter compatibility)

This version supports iOS 10.3 and later

May 16
Version 2.2.0

Minor update
- Home feed: added "forward" navigation button
- Sidebar menu: replaced "Rate Our App" with automatic prompt
- Share Us: periodically asks user to share the app
- Bug fixes

May 02
Version 2.1.1

Minor update
- fixed screenshots for iPad

May 01
Version 2.1.0

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