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We are not by chance on earth, but according to an evolution specific to each of us. Our existence has a profound meaning and it is important to discover it in order to really know us and make the most of our potential. Numbers can help us: it t's the numerology.
Numerology allows us to decode the language of numbers. This millennial science is based on the symbolism of numbers. The correlation between the numbers and the letters of the alphabet makes it possible to discover the true energies that animate an individual.
But numerology also applies to our place of residence. Indeed, one does not live at such and such a place by chance. Our home reflects an essential vibration that profoundly influences us since it reveals the main lesson that we came to live living in this place.
So, ready to discover the vibration of your home?

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Launched Feb 17, 2017 (over 3 years ago).
Feb 17
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