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"Kudos for putting together an academic-research background with an imaginative, playful presentation to try to help kids build a solid early math foundation.” - Common Sense Media

Help your preschooler develop early math skills with this science-backed game! Fuzzy Numbers provides a fairy-tale setting for children to practice foundational early math skills.

Your child will love exploring Princess Poodle’s castle, Prince Frog’s beanstalk, Witch Cat’s potion school, and Pirate Whale’s treasure cove. Each scene is designed to help your child exercise his or her intuitive sense of quantity, or “number sense”.

Research shows that children with a stronger number sense tend to perform better on real math tests (Halberda et al., 2008). Four and five year old children who played digital number sense games demonstrated better math performance (on tests of counting, number identification, addition, etc.) compared to control groups, when tested right after a brief practice (Wang et al., 2016) or after several weeks of practice (Park et al., 2016). Fuzzy Numbers is adaptive and continually challenges your child’s number sense. Children from ages 3 to 5 enjoy playing Fuzzy Numbers. Learn more about the science behind the game on the Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop blog: http://www.joanganzcooneycenter.org/2017/05/30/developing-an-evidence-based-early-math-app/.

Cognitive ToyBox is committed to developing science-backed games to support the early learning and cognitive development of children. Please contact us at hello@cognitivetoybox.com with any questions or feedback.



Halberda, J., Mazzocco, M. M., & Feigenson, L. (2008). Individual differences in non-verbal number acuity correlate with maths achievement. Nature, 455(7213), 665-668.

Park, J., Bermudez, V., Roberts, R. C., & Brannon, E. M. (2016). Non-symbolic approximate arithmetic training improves math performance in preschoolers. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 152, 278-293.

Wang, J. J., Odic, D., Halberda, J., & Feigenson, L. (2016). Changing the precision of preschoolers’ approximate number system representations changes their symbolic math performance. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 147, 82-99.

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Version History

Launched Apr 26, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Oct 16
Version 3.0

We introduced two new number sense activities. Check out the farm and train scenes!

Jun 13
Version 2.2

Reduced app size of game

May 25
Version 2.1

New animations in Princess Poodle's castle
Improvements for iPhone account management

May 16
Version 2.0

-Fuzzy Numbers is now available on iPhone
-New chart to track your child's progress

Apr 26
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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