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* Student life is extremely busy and you are always short on time. Finding ways to study faster and smarter is the key to productivity and better grades.
* Whether you need to quickly scan a reading before heading to class or want to study in short-bursts throughout the day, the Chegg eReader can help you study more efficiently.
* With the Chegg eReader you can study anytime and anywhere by accessing eBooks purchased on Chegg.com across all your devices (mobile and tablet).
* All the eBooks you've purchased will be available in one convenient location.
* You can use the live filter to search for the particular book you are looking for.
* You can also download your etextbooks directly to your phone or tablet to avoid streaming.

In you ebook you can easily access the table of contents and skip to various chapters, specific textbook figures and diagrams and notes you've made.

Take notes directly onto your eBooks. Whenever you have free time to study, simply open the Chegg eReader and review your notes.

Highlight directly on to your eBooks. Whenever you have free time to study, simply open the Chegg eReader and review key concepts.

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Version History

Launched May 22, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

May 06
Version 4.6.1

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

May 01
Version 4.6

• Updates the book download icon to make it easier to know that your book is downloading.
• Fixes the app feedback form.
• Adds the ability to manually check for book updates.
• Corrects a problem that may cause a bookmark to navigate to the wrong location in certain situations.
• Removes book citation information when using copy/paste functionality in your book.
• Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Mar 11
Version 4.5.1

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Dec 21
Version 4.5

• New! Updated library interface streamlines the organization of your content.
• New! Simplified library and book content search.
• New! Updated book information cards.

Sep 10
Version 4.4

• Fixes an error when sideloading DRM free EPUB files.
• Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

May 14
Version 4.3.1

• New! In-app device activation enables you to manage your mobile devices from within the app.
• New! Redesigned read aloud player that is more intuitive to use and allows page scrolling while listening to your books.
• New! Enables sideloading of DRM free EPUB files.
• Improved highlighter color mapping.
• Improved notes and highlights responsiveness for books that contain a large number of highlights.
• Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Mar 13
Version 4.2

• New! See password feature in the password field.
• Adds a notification to prompt users to update a book if a new version is available.
• Fixes a crasher on iPhone X that may occur when a user changes the font size.
• Addresses an issue that prevents all search results from being displayed on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone X devices.
• Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Feb 16
Version 4.1

• New! Library content search allows users to search for a term across all downloaded books in your library.
• New! Define feature lets you look up terms while reading your eTextbook.
• Corrects an issue with the paste functionality when copying and pasting text in Notes.
• Addresses an issue that may cause a book download to fail when the device goes to sleep.
• Other minor fixes and bugs.

Jan 25
Version 4.0.4

* Redesigned user interface that is easier and more intuitive to navigate.
* Improved text-to-speech functionality.

Sep 15
Version 3.9.8

* Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Aug 22
Version 3.9.7

* Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Jul 12
Version 3.9.6

Added performance improvements and bug fixes.

Jun 01
Version 3.9.5

Fixes a minor navigation issue in some books.

May 22
Version 3.9.4

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