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Over one million downloads worldwide!
Introducing the 「Parakeet」 to this already popular game! FREE DOWNLOAD! It's real easy to raise your own pet in this game!!

■Raise your own Parakeet on your smartphone.
■Watch how cute your Parakeet moves. It's so soothing and therapeutic.

This is a virtual pet app where you can raise your very own Parakeet on your smartphone. It`s so easy to raise. Just feed your pet once every four days and clean its home once a week. This game app is great for kids and people who find RPG's and puzzle games a bit tedious. Try this game out! It's therapeutic, and a great way to kill time!

[Basic Functions]
・It's simple to raise. Just remember to feed you Parakeet and clean its home.
・Like a real Parakeet, it moves around in such an adorable way.
・You can call over your Parakeet by tapping on the screen. Look at how adorable this is!
・You can give your Parakeet a name. You can give it a new name at anytime.
・Your Parakeet grows in realtime. The growth of your pet is calculated by every 0.5 second.
・The game records how much your pet has grown since the last time you visited it.
・You can take a picture of your Parakeet with your mobile device and share it with your friends over various social networking sites.
・The app also can send you notifications to let you know when your pet needs feeding and cleaning.
・All of these functions are free and do not require any microtransactions!

[Recommended for:]
・people who have always wanted a Parakeet or already have one and want a virtual Parakeet to spend time with everywhere and at anytime
・people who love visiting the zoo and aquariums
・people who love raising virtual pets
・people who want a simple game to pass their free time with something fun

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Launched Feb 27, 2017 (almost 4 years ago).
Mar 20
Version 1.1

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Feb 27
Version 1.0