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The World of 1Gram Jewellery
Welcome to Shubham Jewellers, the exquisite wholesalers and manufacturers in the world of fashion jewellery where your dreams of jewellery are created into reality.

Jewellery is deeply embedded in our historical, cultural and spiritual roots and is one of the most important parts that a woman will cherish all her life. The selection of jewellery must be one that will complement you and your trousseau. There is something we have for every woman or bride, whether it is casual, formal or even festive. The beautiful maang tikka (worn on hair-line),the dramatic nose ring, beautifully crafted chandelier earrings or the popular jhoomkhas, necklaces with fabulous designs and shapes, slender or armlets, stylish haath phool or rings for each finger connected with dazzling finger rings, tinkling and royal the anklets and payals, attractive toe rings and much more.

We have a wide range in Silver Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, Victorian jewellery and much more with designs for every mood and personality from wildly sensual to serenely graceful. Be it scintillating ring or exquisitely crafted bridal necklace or even the shimmering colourful bangles. Our collection made with a touch of traditional Indian element, embedded with beautiful and attractive semi-precious stones, rubies, embralds, pearls and meena work is sure to fill a women’s heart with joy mixed with feelings of royal greatness. Our designs with their Victorian inspiration can be worn with Indian as well as western clothes. Traditional and antique look is a special feature of our jewellery.

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Version History

Launched Jan 20, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Dec 05
Version 3.54.0

* Support for deep linking
* Changed authentication method from basic auth to jwt.

Nov 12
Version 3.53.0

* Bug fixes...

Oct 11
Version 3.51.0

* Support for filter and sort
* Support for offers page

Sep 05
Version 3.50.01

* fixed an issue where the app crashed on selecting and item from item search page.

Aug 28
Version 3.50.0

* Bug fixes...

Jul 25
Version 3.8.2

* Delivery address optimization

Jun 25
Version 3.7.9

* Bug fixes...

Apr 01
Version 3.7.2

* Bug fixes
* Asset Optimisation

Mar 09
Version 3.6.7

* UI Refresh
* Bug fixes

Sep 25
Version 1.5

Critical bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jul 02
Version 1.4

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jun 26
Version 1.3

Bug fixes and UI enhancements.

May 02
Version 1.2

Defect fixing.

Apr 26
Version 1.1

1) Signup/Login with Facebook or Google to avoid the hassle of remembering yet another username/password.
2) Defect fixing.

Jan 20
Version 1.0

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