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Introducing a multiplayer 3D movie theater to experience videos in VR

• High-quality VR theater: we have designed an immersive and realistic 3D movie theater optimized for mobile VR with high-quality textures and various lighting effects.
• Spatialized sound: audio tracks are played in a 360° environment to high-quality immersive experience. You can also discuss with friends.
• Reactions: audio conversation and fun interactions.
• Dynamic lighting: we have built optimized dynamic lighting that reflect brightness and colors in the room.

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Version History

Launched Jan 18, 2017 (about 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Sep 03
Version 3.1.1

Brace yourselves, CINEVR v3.1 is here with a lot of new features!

• App now ships with 2 builtin scenes, the Classic theater and a brand new Void scene with a customized player (size, position) to watch content alone
• A new home screen to create and use a CINEVR account, and purchase virtual popcorn
• At launch, 5 premium scenes are already available for purchase: Beach, Drive-in, Haunted House, Spaceship and Antique theater
• Premium video-on-demand available for rental with content from Targo Studios
• You were a lot of people asking for it: you can now Tap to recenter, yay!
• Improved rendering performance and increased eye resolution texture for sharper graphics
• Improved voice volume: users can be muted per-person, and voice is now correctly muted with volume set at zero
• Major fixes on video player crash

Happy watching!
The CINEVR team

Jan 11
Version 2.5.0

Hello CINEVR community,

We’re thrilled to introduce our next generation of avatars!

- Brand new looks for avatars in the movie theater
- More realistic interactions and gestures
- Support for Bluetooth headsets (Important note: due to a bug in Unity, microphone on Bluetooth headsets is not supported at the moment.)
- Improvements on spatial sound.

Our team is working hard on the next release and lots of new features are coming before the end of the year. Stay tuned! You can follow us on Twitter @cinevrapp. Thanks a lot for all your support.


Sep 20
Version 2.3.1

This release improves experience for 360° videos:
• Fixed size of the thumbnails in the video list
• Fixed glitches on top and bottom of the videos
• Sharper rendering

Also we have added new 360° content made by Targo Studios. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Thanks for all the love and support we receive every week on our app!
Feel free to follow us on Twitter @CINEMUR

Aug 27
Version 2.3

New version of CINEVR for iPhone!

• Special events are now available for iOS. Watch premium movies in VR!
• For France based users, "Ready Player One" is available in HD thanks to our partners TF1 and Warner Bros!
• Brand new local file explorer to watch videos stored in your app folder through iTunes File Sharing
• New video player UI and controls, including 3D display settings
• Fixed a display issue with 360° videos thumbnails
• Fixed a crash with audio mono channels
• Various improvements on stability and performance

Thanks for all the love and support we receive every week on our app!
Feel free to follow us on Twitter @CINEMUR

Mar 24
Version 2.0

Introducing CINEVR 2.0!

The team is thrilled to announce a major update of CINEVR for mobile:

• New HD movie theater
• New sunset beach environment
• New user interface + sounds
• Virtual audience & live players up to 9 per room
• Audio conversations + emojis
• Fixed audio stuttering issue
• Support for iPhone X
• Fixed playback when video has multiple audio tracks
• Improved audio resampling
• Massive performance optimisations

Thank you so much guys for your feedback. Feel free to send us feature request at cinevr@cinemur.fr.
We're building CINEVR everyday in Paris and will release more updates in the coming weeks > twitter.com/cinemur

Apr 20
Version 1.1

• Full screen + touch mode available
• Local videos playback through iTunes file sharing
• Added battery, network and time indicators
• Visual enhancements of the user interface
• Fixed audio speaker issue

Thank you all for your many suggestions. We still have a lot of new features to release in the next few weeks!
Follow us on Twitter @CINEMUR and Facebook /cinemurapp to be kept up to date

Mar 09
Version 1.0.3

Thanks for using CINEVR! We're working hard to improve and add a lot of features in the coming weeks.
This release fixes various orientation issues and crashes on VR mode startup.

Visit https://cinevr.io/ to learn more about this project.

Jan 27
Version 1.0.2

• Fixed bad audio on Big Buck Bunny video
• Improved transition between welcome screen and virtual theater
• Fixed a bug that opened Facebook Connect screen multiple times

Jan 23
Version 1.0.1

• Fixed crash and orientation issues when starting virtual theater

Jan 18
Version 1.0

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