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Take a 360 degree real skiing trip on the piste or chairlift without leaving your home.
You can control the view in all directions. Turn your head, look up and down.
Total time:
Skiing: 3 min. 10 sec.
Chairlift: 3 min 40 sec.

Important: You need virtual-reality goggles.

Virtual-reality goggles really give you the impression to be at this location .
The gyro sensor in the iPhone syncs the 360° video to your head movement.
By rotating your head, you can view the video in any direction.

The QR code sets he optimal values ​​for your VR glasses.
Start the app and place your iPhone into virtual-reality goggles.

By now, many different VR head sets can be used:

- Cardboard
- Homido
- Durovis Dive

and many more...

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Travel

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Version History

Launched Jan 03, 2017 (almost 4 years ago).
Jan 03
Version 1.0