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Updated for 2019! Train for gifted and talented testing. This app is designed to increase reasoning and problem solving skills for kids in the first grade. Specifically the exercises within are for mastering the COGAT FORM 7 (Level 7) test. Inside you'll find a full test for the language and visual test portions and hundreds of questions for the number/math type areas of study.

Within you'll find all 9 areas of study:
Verbal Analogies
Sentence Completion
Verbal Classification
Number Analogies
Number Puzzles
Number Series
Figure Matricies
Paper Folding
Figure Classification

We present a quiz of 16-22 questions from a bank of questions stored in the app. You get a score and the number right/wrong as well as indication of correct answers then tapped.

A full length practice exam can run you $30 in paper form, this app is presented at a tenth of the cost and features enough questions to make multiple practice exams. Our math sections in particular have over 300 questions in the bank. Lets also mention that this app is in full color unlike your expensive paper based exams. This is important as the real COGAT test uses color in the Figure Matrices and Classification.

 $2.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Dec 20, 2016 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Mar 09
Version 1.6

Added a student profile section that keeps track of overall progress and suggests what to study next. Keep sending suggestions to info@polemicsacademy.com

Jan 17
Version 1.5

Added app preview to iTunes so you know exactly what you're getting ~ (a full length practice exam in app form!) and removed the extra rows on the home screen table so we look better. Keep sending feedback to info@polemicsmath.com and visit our blog at polemicsmath.com.

Jan 09
Version 1.4

Fixed picture distortion caused by landscape. For best experience hold your device in portrait mode! Come by www.polemicsmath.com and see our additional study content. Send feedback to info@polemicsmath.com, would love to hear from you. Our next update will focus on expanding content in the sections.

Dec 30
Version 1.2

Update for 2019! Big update here, first thanks for the feedback, we are listening and working to make our line of COGAT products better all the time. In this update we added links to our Polemics Math Community, fixed those terrible typos in the verbal section and randomized all questions. This should make for a much better experience. Please rate, review and send email to info@polemicsmath.com and visit us at polemicsmath.com

Aug 15
Version 1.1

Added Links to our other educational apps! Check em out inside.

Dec 21
Version 1.0

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