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Create geometric variations of ornamental patterns. Encounter a fascinating world of form, shape and color. Create 3D models, kinematic kaleidocycles, spirals, circle limit pictures á la Escher, animated gifs, videos in endless loops and much more. Be mesmerised, hypnotised, challenged and thrilled. Discover a world beyond limits.

The iOrnament Crafter is an app that allows you to create transformations and deformations of geometric patterns. Not only does it come with a huge collection of gorgeous patterns, but you can also import seamless ornamental art from the iOrnament App, or, with an in-app purchase, import your own photos! The Crafter lets you create new artwork from these images in various ways:

Build 3D Models:
– create ornamental platonic solids
– experience kinematic kaleidocycles
– give them a unique touch by your own artwork

Create videos and animated gifs:
– use artwork or photos to create moving spirals
– create mesmerising infinity loop videos
– export as animated gifs or videos

Explore kaleidoscopes:
– put your art in a kaleidoskope
– generate kaleidoscopic animations
– experience Eschers world of circle limits

Mathematical transformations:
– apply conformal maps
– create loxodromic double spirals
– let your photos deform into fractal like shapes

– create personalised 3D objects
– use artwork and photos to create animated greeting cards
– decorate your Christmas tree with unique objects:-)
– give geometry workshops for children
– play, play, play
– relax
– ......

The Crafter can be used as a stand alone app, but it is also the perfect post processing companion for the symmetry drawing app iOrnament.

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Version History

Launched Apr 27, 2017 (almost 4 years ago).
Apr 27
Version 1.0