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Detection colors guide:
Each dot or blip on the radar is colored to represent the strength of a single observed entity and its readings, and if a detection goes outside of maximum radar range, then later that same detection returns within the observation range, the same color should be shown, or if it is a different, unique detection, and a unique color should appear although it is possible it will be close to the strength depending on what the sensors read. Each color is graded on the strength of the signal from any one radar blip across ROYGBIV color spectrum, and as dots enter and exit the sensor range their strength is graded based on the magnitude of the readings. The "weakest" types of detection to the "strongest" types of detection are arranged as follows:

- Violet - Weakest strength of detection (possible false positive)
- Indigo
- Blue
- Green
- Yellow
- Orange
- Red - Strongest strength of detection (almost never a false positive)

This is an app developed through rigorous trial and error testing, to allow smartphones to detect the presence of ghosts, and many other supernatural beings in the area near the device. Effective range is limited to roughly 500 meters (~0.311 miles), and accuracy cannot be guaranteed because of variations in sensors from device to device. Sometimes it helps to allow the app to run for a prolonged period of time for more accurate results. The radar type design approximates the location of nearby detected presences in nearly real time, with a unique color assigned to help identify and track additional entities as they come within scan distance. Effectiveness and range are slightly different among different devices, and running multiple instances nearby can cause interference and disturbances to the scanning process. Best used in low light, quiet areas, and often detects entities in areas you may have never suspected there to be any active apparitions. It's recommended to repeat scanning and spot checking across several weeks of time for the most effective results as there are sometimes electronic and magnetic disturbances which will temporarily prevent accurate data being collected. To be a real pro one should collect notes as well alongside the app for referencing which times and specific locations where the sensors detect useful information.

It should be noted that visual detection cannot always be obtained for a variety of reasons, such as too much interference nearby, or that there simply are no entities to detect anywhere near you. Try again later, and at other locations!

This is a free app, and as such, it is supported through advertising on the AdMob platform to keep it free for everyone to use. Should issues/vulgarity with ads arise, they can be reported directly to Google AdMob.

An invisible energy can be detected near you! If you suspect there may be supernatural events occurring, like strange voices, phantom happening, or the classic case of paranormal equipment detecting something - you should try ghost detector! Like a detective with ESP you can impress your paranoid friends by using this scanner to look for spirits.

Due to the paranormal nature of this app, results and accuracy will greatly vary depending on conditions, surroundings, location and the device used. Please do not depend on information or data from Real Ghost Detector alone. Thanks for using the app!

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Version History

Launched Oct 28, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).
Dec 12
Version 1.1

Version 1.1 Changes:
-Many fixes and improvements
-Improved compatibility

Oct 29
Version 1.0