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No Touch Aviation Weather!

I designed this app for my own use but my flying buddies wanted it too. Something simple. No map scrolling or typing!

Run the app and up pops a detailed, translated METAR report from the closest station. Of course, you get all the nearby METAR reports, sorted by Distance or Bearing from your current location, or by age of the report. The app will fetch the last hour's reports, so you can look for trends at the Stations you are interested in. Press a button and the reports get filtered to show only the latest report from each station.

You can limit the reporting stations to 25, 50, or 100 statute miles. Want to fly cross-country? Sort the METARs by Heading and you can get a quick idea of what lies ahead.

Tap any of the station reports in the table and you will get a clear, legible translation of the METAR, plus the calculated Relative Humidity, the estimated Cloud Base (from the standard lapse rate), the Station Elevation, and the estimated Density Altitude at the station.

These reports come straight from the National Weather Service and reports are updated every few minutes. Drag down on the Table of reports and the app will pull a fresh update from the server.

This app requires a Wifi or Cell data connection to fetch METARs.

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Version History

Launched Sep 06, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Sep 27
Version 1.2

Ready for iOS 13 including Dark mode!
Improved audio METAR reporting
Tweaked display graphics

Aug 08
Version 1.1

The App formerly known as AvWx is now "Local Metars"!
New Features include: Color-coded Flight Conditions; icons at a glance for Rain, High winds or gusts, and thundershower activity; voice reporting of weather details. Weather reports now include name of station along with ICAO. There is also a button to filter reports to show only the most recent from each station, or all in the past hour.

May 04
Version 1.0.3

Squashed a bug hiding under the Nearest Station button! Updated code for latest versions of iOS.

Aug 16
Version 1.0.2

Great new Features! More Data for flight planning!
Now estimates Density Altitude, and Humidity from METAR data.
Calculates Cumulus Cloud Base using standard lapse rate.
Improved interface!

Sep 15
Version 1.0.1

Minor tweaks to user interface
Improve AppStore metaData

Sep 06
Version 1.0

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