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We live in the future. Robots clean our homes, make our meals and drive our cars, but we still wake up every morning to the same old beeps and buzzes. It's time the alarm clock got a much needed upgrade.

WakeBot is the first robotic wake up service giving you a personalized briefing of everything that is going on during your day and happening around the world. Set your usual wake up time and start your day by having WakeBot read you a set of custom and engaging information. Instead of just hitting snooze over and over again, WakeBot will get your brain in gear and actually help you get up when you want to.

WakeBot Knows:

- The Local Weather: Based on your phone's location, WakeBot reads the current temperature, highs and lows, current weather conditions and forecast.

- Your Agenda: WakeBot is able to read your phone's calendar and let you know about your upcoming and all day events.

- The Stock Market: Let WakeBot know what stocks you follow and it'll read you the current prices.

- The Top News: WakeBot summarizes all the top stories each day from your favorite news sources.

- More Coming Soon...

Join the robot revolution and wake up to the future.

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Version History

Launched Sep 19, 2016 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Oct 21
Version 1.0.4

Bug fixes.

Oct 31
Version 1.0.3

- Start a wake up call manually by force touching the WakeBot icon on your home screen.
- Various small bug fixes.

Sep 28
Version 1.0.2

Stocks are here!

Search for your favorite stocks and hear WakeBot read you the current price during every wake up call.

Sep 24
Version 1.0.1

Bug fixes

Sep 19
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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