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Bank conveniently on your mobile device with our digital banking app, featuring:

Quick glance
• One-click access to view your account balances and recent transactions, without logging in

Fingerprint/Face ID
• Depending on the capability of your mobile device, you can log in quickly – no need to type a login ID and password

Accounts & statements
• View and download your account balance and transaction information
• Enroll and view your statements online
• Conveniently order checks

My debit cards
• Instantly lock your debit card to prevent new charges, then easily unlock it when you’re ready to use it again

Mobile deposit
• Deposit checks anytime by taking photos with your mobile device

Pay & transfer
• Move money instantly between your TCF accounts
• Move money between your TCF accounts and accounts you own at other financial institutions with bank-to-bank transfers
• Schedule one-time or recurring bill payments to any person or biller
• Save time and paper by viewing your bills directly in digital banking with e-bills

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Version History

Launched May 18, 2017 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 29 days, on average.

Sep 24
Version 2.1.6

* You can now choose email delivery for your one-time verification code during login
* New users can enroll in digital banking right from the app
* Customers with loans will see their loan statuses more clearly
* A plethora of tweaks behind the scenes will optimize your experience

Aug 20
Version 2.1.5

· Confused by the login authentication process? Updated onscreen instructions will help you understand what to expect
· Corrected an issue causing some accounts with transaction restrictions to show closed status
· Made other backend adjustments related to card lock/unlock

Aug 10
Version 2.1.4

New to legacy TCF customers:
• Place a stop payment on one check or a series of checks
• Receive and enter a one-time verification code to complete your login
• Easily set up a transfer to pay most TCF Bank loans

New to legacy Chemical customers:
• Quickly lock or unlock your debit cards within digital banking
• View and update your overdraft choice for ATM and everyday debit card transactions

Aug 03
Version 2.1.3

· Fixed an issue with the pay multiple feature in pay & transfer
· Made additional improvements behind the scenes to ensure a smooth, reliable experience

Jul 09
Version 2.1.2

· A new red font will make it easier for you to spot debit transactions
· Other behind the scenes tweaks give you an improved overall experience

Jun 11
Version 2.1.1

· We made a few behind the scenes updates to keep things running smoothly

May 27
Version 2.1.0

· Some under the hood adjustments to optimize your digital banking experience

May 11
Version 2.0.8

· Made improvements to biometrics to ensure better performance for touch/face ID users
· Resolved an issue causing some users to intermittently see a blank white screen
· Tuned things up under the hood to provide the best digital banking experience

Apr 20
Version 2.0.7

· We exterminated a few pesky bugs to give you the best, most reliable experience possible

Apr 02
Version 2.0.6

· Fixed an issue where some customers couldn’t distinguish between their bill pay recipients when scheduling or reviewing a payment
· Resolved a problem for Quicken and Quickbooks users who were unable to export their information to those programs
· Made a few back-end adjustments to keep things humming along

Mar 26
Version 2.0.5

• Some bill payments were appearing to come from a line of credit rather than the correct account
• Some customers were unable to edit or delete recurring payments or transfers
• Account nicknames were not displayed during the bank-to-bank transfer scheduling process
• Customers received an error when attempting to set up a person as a recipient in bill pay
• Pay multiple date field was not selectable
• A few back-end fixes that will ensure a smoother online experience

Mar 12
Version 2.0.4

· New quick payment option enables you to schedule bill payments in a snap
· New my statements view gives you convenient access to your online statements and options to manage statement delivery
· Enhanced quick transfer option now allows you the ability to schedule a transfer for a future date
· Some work under the hood helps you have a better, more reliable experience

Mar 05
Version 2.0.3

· A few behind the scene fixes

Feb 12
Version 2.0.2

· A few behind the scene fixes

Jan 20
Version 2.0.1

· Fixing an issue that prevented some customers from entering their PIN number to reset their login credentials
· Making it easier for mobile app users to reconnect their touch ID or face ID after an update
· Several back-end improvements to ensure stable performance

Jan 08
Version 2.0.0

With our refreshed version of digital banking, you can:

• Get what you need sooner with fast access to tools like internal transfer and card lock/unlock
• Easily choose between accounts with a new Accounts & Statements page
• View your running balance more quickly so you can get on with your day
• Manage delivery of your alerts right from your inbox
• Enjoy an updated look and feel with simpler navigation
• Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Sep 20
Version 1.3.1

• Worked to ensure compatibility with the iOS 13 release for Apple users
• Tweaked a few things behind the scenes to keep mobile deposit running smoothly

Jun 05
Version 1.3.0

• Resolved an issue with card lock/unlock for mobile app users with special display settings
• Corrected a Touch ID failure for some iPad users
• Ironed out a problem to ensure customers receive all mandatory, optional and custom alerts as expected
• Made a few other tweaks you won’t see, but will keep things running smoothly

Apr 24
Version 1.2.8

• It's almost here! We're putting the finishing touches on our new bank-to-bank transfer service. Soon, you’ll be able to transfer money to and from your TCF and non-TCF accounts. Look for an update when we launch.
• A few changes to enrollment make getting started with digital banking even easier.
• Transaction-related alerts are back. We fixed an issue that prevented some alerts from reaching you.
• Behind-the-scenes tweaks keep things humming along.

Mar 20
Version 1.2.6

• A few under-the-hood improvements keep things running smoothly.

Feb 27
Version 1.2.5

• A few under-the-hood improvements keep things running smoothly.

Feb 07
Version 1.2.4

• A few under-the-hood improvements

Jan 16
Version 1.2.3

• Now you can see your full account and routing numbers all in one place! Go to Accounts & Statements > click on your account > select View Account Details
• Open a new account right from the dashboard. Click the Open a New Account button to get started.
• Need to send a check fast? Now you can use Express Bill Pay to send a next-day check to any recipient.
• A few other under-the-hood improvements.

Nov 14
Version 1.2.1

• My debit cards: Instantly lock your debit card to prevent new charges. Easily unlock your card when you’re ready to use it again
• Pay your TCF loan through bill pay by selecting TCF as the biller
• A few tweaks make your mobile deposit experience even better

Oct 23
Version 1.2.0

• Exterminated a few bugs

Oct 16
Version 1.1.9

• New secure message inbox allows us to share important information directly to your digital banking account

Sep 19
Version 1.1.8

· You asked, we listened.. Mobile deposit has improved.. screens are more instructional, images are clearer, less need for retakes.

Sep 05
Version 1.1.7

• Exterminating a few bugs

Aug 16
Version 1.1.6

• Exterminating a few bugs

Aug 08
Version 1.1.5

• Groups in Pay & Transfer gives you an easy way to organize your recipients
• Gear icons on the Dashboard make it simpler to choose which accounts to see
• Consistent placement of pop-up error and success messages makes it easier to see what you did right (or wrong)
• A visit from the exterminator – no bug spray required!

Jun 05
Version 1.1.4

· Exterminated a few bugs

May 21
Version 1.1.3

· Current elections will now be shown when reviewing or updating overdraft election options for your accounts
· Exterminated a few bugs

Apr 24
Version 1.1.2

• Exterminating a few bugs

Mar 28
Version 1.1.1

• A refreshed login page includes fast links to open a new account and find a branch or ATM location.
• New settings for the dashboard and quick glance give you more control over which accounts you see.
• An improved user experience for pay & transfer helps you move money more easily.
• A new personal reminder alert is available for any reminders you want to set for yourself.
• You can now create and save a template for recipients.
• A visit from the exterminator keeps things bug free and running smoothly.

Feb 13
Version 1.1.0

Squashed some bugs around fingerprint id/face id log in and push notifications.

Dec 19
Version 1.0.9

· Fingers getting tired? We now have one touch fingerprint log in
· Souped-up Bill Pay to enable a larger number of recipients and improve delivery date messaging
· Last but not least, always eager to squash a few bugs

Nov 01
Version 1.0.7

• Updates for Face ID and iPhone X
• Updates to customer messages
• Minor performance improvements and bug fixes

Oct 05
Version 1.0.6

• Make a loan payment link is more visible and available from the Dashboard—Pay Bills or Dashboard—Transfer.
• Mobile Deposit capture improvements.
• Ability to add a recipient from the Dashboard—Pay Bills.
• Ability to add a recurring or one-time payment/transfer from the Manage Recipients page.
• Miscellaneous Defects.

Sep 18
Version 1.0.5

Running balance is now available.

Log in to TCF digital banking, go to transactions, select the account you want to view, and choose the Show running balance button. Your account’s running balance will appear at the right side of each transaction.

Aug 14
Version 1.0.4

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Jul 28
Version 1.0.3

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Jun 30
Version 1.0.2

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Jun 06
Version 1.0.1

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

May 16
Version 1.0

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