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DriverEdToGo.com has been offering state-approved online driver's education courses since 1999 and has graduated over 4 million satisfied customers. If you are a teenager between the ages of 15 and 18 and need to earn your learner's permit and driver's license, download one of our top-rated driver training courses and begin your driver's education today!

- Prepare for Your Permit or Driver's License Online.
- The app price includes access to all course materials and the final exam plus the cost to process and ship your certificate of completion. The price does NOT include the cost of optional upgrades, including expedited shipping for your certificate of completion or course enhancements such as the audio read along narration, same day certificate of completion processing, transcripts for high school credit, videos/DVDs, or other supplemental learning products that are not part of the course or required in order to satisfy the minimum licensing requirements for your state.
- Our online driver's education courses are only approved in certain states. Although this app does not satisfy every state's minimum licensing requirements, it still makes an excellent study tool for your state's written and driving test by reinforcing key driving safety topics. State approval information will be provided upon enrollment.
- This course includes interactive videos, audio course narration & instructional drills teach driving concepts.
- Our revolutionary system has helped millions of teens all over the country ACE their permit and driving test. We have graduated over 4 million students from our driver's education courses.

• Satisfies minimum licensing requirements in 16 states
• Easy, Fun & Interactive online courses
• Start-and-stop course as needed
• Videos, 3D animations, driving simulations
• Same Day Certificate Processing
• Reliable 24/7 Customer Support
• Covers the fundamentals of safe driving
• Prepare to earn your permit and license!

[DMV Practice Exams]
Our app is designed to prepare students for the DMV written exam by administering simulated DMV tests & focusing on areas where the student needs improvement.

[What Our Clients Say]
ñ Frank Pegueros - President & CEO, D.A.R.E. America:
We are grateful to DriverEdToGo.com for providing D.A.R.E with an online driver education program that offers the qualities parents, schools and teens look for. Their courses offer several interactive features including games and driving simulations that help students learn so much better. With something so sensitive as the safety of our teens, we were not willing to settle for anything but the absolute best.

At DriverEdToGo.com, thousands of high schools utilize our online drivers education courses to teach their teens driver ed requirements. Get the same benefits with the comfort of doing it on your iPhone, anytime, anywhere.

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Version History

Launched Jul 14, 2016 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 05
Version 3.6.0

- fixed bug with customer names
- added "Ask Parents to Pay" feature during registration

Oct 25
Version 3.5.9

- bug fix for some text formatting

Oct 16
Version 3.5.8

- bug fixes to Facebook registration

Aug 24
Version 3.5.7

- Added "upgrades" area.
- Bugfixes and improvements.

Jun 25
Version 3.5.6

- changes to payment system for some states
- fixed bug with some media not being displayed in Texas course
- fixed bug that would sometimes stall app when tapping on phone numbers in course
- fixed bug cutting off some numbered lists on some phone models

May 23
Version 3.5.5

- added new course: Texas Parent-Taught Driver Ed

May 08
Version 3.5.4

- Improve performance.
- Update message contents.

Apr 28
Version 3.5.3

- Fixed issue with some screens not rendering in landscape.
- Added back button to login screen.
- Various changes to text formatting.
- Changes to payment system for some states.

Mar 23
Version 3.5.2

- UI updates and improvements.
- Bugfixes.

Feb 02
Version 3.5.1

- Fixed minor issues
- Fixed Facebook sign up issue

Jan 10
Version 3.5

- Update whole app design
- iPad Compatible
- Increase functionality
- Issue solved
- iPhone x compatible.

Oct 04
Version 3.4

Now available in many more states

Jul 27
Version 3.3

- New curriculum for 2017 California DMV
- Bug fixes

Jun 01
Version 3.1

- 2017 DMV exam updates
- bug fixes
- improved security

Apr 04
Version 3.0

totally revamped experience.

Mar 18
Version 2.1

- Added new California driving test rules for 2017
- Improved User Experience

Feb 28
Version 2.0

- Improved Driver's Ed test
- Updated test questions for California DMV 2017 exam
- Improved User Experience

Dec 22
Version 1.9

Bug Fixed.

Nov 02
Version 1.8

bug fixing.

Oct 09
Version 1.7

bug fixing.

Sep 16
Version 1.6

Compatible with iOS latest version 10 as well as old versions.

Sep 13
Version 1.5

Bug fixes.

Sep 09
Version 1.4

Bug fixes

Aug 30
Version 1.3

Bug fixes

Aug 22
Version 1.2

Bug fixing

Jul 29
Version 1.1

Bug fixing.

Jul 14
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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