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Pokemon fans Assemble!

Introducing Pokeforums! Your one stop place to chat and interact with thousands of other Pokemon Go players!
Like and Unlike Each Other's post!
Call Friends to come visit you and catch pokemon together!

Presenting to you the most advanced Pokedex ever made, With over 700+ Pokemon and counting! The full guide you need to get ready for Pokemon Go!

Has full Pokemon profile which includes Details, Type , Attack etc.

Super fast search bar so that you never miss any chance to catch your favourite Pokemon!

Note :- "Pokemon Go", Pokemon, Nintendo, Niantic, and character names or imagery are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of such marks does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the mark holders.

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Version History

Launched May 16, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 21 days, on average.

Dec 12
Version 2.7

It is with great morose that we bring to you this update.
Recently, We received a copyright notice from Pokemon International regarding this app and their concerns over the images used.
We tried negotiating with them but to no avail.
We care about OUR users and appreciate you for the tremendous support that you have provides us for all these months.
However, Nintendo being a big corporation is hard to fight with and hence all pokemon images have been removed.
As the least we could do for you, We have negotiated to retain the amazing Pokeforums and also all Pokemon details.
Again, Thanks for your support.

Sep 20
Version 2.6

This is a thank you update meant for all our beloved 60,000+ customers!
This update includes an exciting gift for all of you!

Pokedex for Pokemon Go is now rated as the No.1 Accessory App for Pokemon Go!

Keep supporting us!

Aug 15
Version 2.5

Your favourite Pokedex is back and now it's better than ever!

*Removed that annoying music (Yeah, We got it)
*Removed the annoying pop up
*Left the Pokeball for you to play in peace
*Made the app load time faster than ever
*Fixed ALL evolutions
*Made the app buttery smooth and Pikachu fast
*No loading problem will now be detected in any region

Thanks and we hope you are liking the app! Please leave a sweet review :)

Jul 25
Version 2.4

More and more bug fixes! We are fixing what you say!
*Fixed Evolutions!
*Fixed Link of Pokemon go maps.

Check out our latest app = "Pokemon Go Maps - Map Guide For Pokemon GO"

Leaving a review wouldn't take much time, We Promise!

Jul 21
Version 2.3

Bug Fixes!!
Also introducing our latest app :- "Pokemon Go Maps - Map Guide for Pokemon Go" , Please check it out if you want to save Pokemons location on your personal map!

We also request you to update the reviews! Have a good day!

Jul 19
Version 2.1

THANK YOU FOR THE TREMENDOUS RESPONSE! We are glad to announce that we registered over 10,000 users on the very first day!
Keep supporting us! Gotta catch 'em all!

Jul 16
Version 2.0

The BIGGEST update for Pokedex for Pokemon Go is here!
*Introducing Pokeforums, Your one stop place to interact with thousands of other pokemon go players!
*Post images and your stories in a unified Pokefeed!
*Like or Unlike each other's posts!
*Post your location and call your friends to play together!
*Bug Fixes

We hope you like this big update and leave a sweet review! :D

Jul 10
Version 1.3

* Fixed the "Loading.." problem that some users had been experiencing! Say Goodbye to that!
* Fixed the wrong evolution bug for some Pokemons.
* Updated all Pokemon graphics so it looks better than ever!

Please update your reviews and please review the app if you haven't done so already! And Thanks Canada for ranking us No.1!

Jul 06
Version 1.2

* Pokemons are social creatures, And so are we. Introducing the Pokemon share button which will share Pokemon image, description etc. for your friends to see and for you to boast!
* We are also guaranteeing a never-before-seen 100% crashless experience to our users.
* Sped up the app by upto 70%

We work really hard to guarantee you an ad-less experience. Please support us by dropping a sweet review !!

Jun 02
Version 1.1

Thanks for your tremendous response! We are overwhelmed and hence this quick update!
Now get the real feel of the arena along with some childhood nostalgia due to the new music added!
Playing with the Pokeball is also our new favourite timepass!
We've also made the app bugs and crash free!
No crashes anymore!
We've also dramatically upgraded our database to provide faster Pokemon search and information!

Thanks again and Pokemon Go!

May 16
Version 1.0

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