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Guess who needs help? The cute, smart and irresistible Code-a-pillar™! Will Code-a-pillar™ make it to the end of the maze? Will he eat the right number of leaves and fill his belly up for the next challenge? It’s in your child's hands to find out! Fun rewards, sound effects and animations add to the play and learning fun!

Maze and numbers games gets kids thinking through solutions to problems!
Help Code-a-pillar™ meander through obstacles to reach his target by creating a path for him to follow using the included drag and drop command segments. Will he hit the boulder or find his way around with YOUR help? Unlock special coding segments and obstacles as you level up!

After all of his hard work, help Code-a-pillar™ re-fuel and get something to eat! Code-a-pillar™ will ask you to find a specific number of leaf bundles – drag the correct leaf bundles towards his mouth to feed him.

Content levels up as you play!
Challenging levels, increase with complexity – the more you play, the more you learn!

Learning & Curriculum Content:
Planning & sequencing - preschoolers learn to follow multi-step plans to achieve a goal.
Problem Solving - generate and execute a solution to any problem.
Number Recognition - understand and recognize numbers in Code-a-pillar’s™ world.
Counting in Order - gain knowledge about numbers and how they go in order to form a sequence.

For more information about Code-a-pillar™ and the Fisher-Price® Think & Learn line of toys and apps, please visit: http://fisher-price.com/thinkandlearn

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Version History

Launched Jun 01, 2016 (about 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Oct 17
Version 1.4.0

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Jun 26
Version 1.3.0

Minor bug fixes

Dec 23
Version 1.2.2

Added language support for Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Jul 30
Version 1.1.3

Added over 50 new mazes - unlock more when you complete levels 1-13.

Jun 09
Version 1.0.3

Bug fixes

Jun 01
Version 1.0.1

Previous 3 versions


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