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Join 1 million users who have downloaded Slaymoji, the official emoji keyboard by Violet Benson, also best known as @daddyissues_, your favorite Instagram account.

Slaymoji is your own personal emoji & stickers collection that gives you access to everything you've ever wanted to say right from your keyboard. It's the most relatable emoji keyboard out there.

It's beautiful. It's hilarious. It's scandalous.
"Could this app be any better? Literally perfect for every single occasion"

◆ 300+ emojis, stickers, gifs HD quality!
Growing collection of beautiful stickers!
Monthly content updates - always the latest.
◆ Avatar customization◆
Choose your avatar - a variety of hair colors & nationalities!
(blonde, brunette, black, asian, latina, redhead)
Made by girls for girls. Eating pizza again at 5am? Regretting
everything? Gossiping with your BFFs? On a diet after this
slice of pizza? Emojis we can't mention on here? Seriously,
we've got everything.
◆ 2 APPS IN 1: Custom Keyboard + iMessage app ◆
Don't want to use this as a custom keyboard extension?
iMessage app will get downloaded automatically! Tap the "A"
icon as you're in your iMessage keyboard and find 'Slaymoji'.
Any emoji you tap will be sent with 1 tap vs. copy/pasting!

From our users
"I absolutely love this app and every single breathing creature should install it. Violet deserves an academy award"
"Loving this app seriously the most relatable thing ever. When one door closes, a wine bottle opens"
"I didn't think it would be as funny as it is, but it has me laughing so hard at honestly of it all! Perfect app and I'm so happy I decided to download it"
"I loved this app before the ethnicities got added, but once I was able to choose the ethnicity that looked like me, I feel in love. This app has brought so much life to my texting. In my opinion, this app is better than any other emoji app out there: Kimoji, Chymoji, Muvamoji, etc... I love being able to have an emoji app that's so relatable to real society. So happy I got my refunds from all the other emoji apps, and purchased this one."
"Slaymoji is every single girl's life"
"I've never had so much fun using emojis. Every single one is lit"

Note: this app contains IAP, in each category several emojis are free and rest can be purchased for a one-time cost.

 Free in iOS App Store


Slaymoji - Emoji Keyboard & iMessage Stickers screenshot 1Slaymoji - Emoji Keyboard & iMessage Stickers screenshot 2Slaymoji - Emoji Keyboard & iMessage Stickers screenshot 3Slaymoji - Emoji Keyboard & iMessage Stickers screenshot 4Slaymoji - Emoji Keyboard & iMessage Stickers screenshot 5

Version History

Launched May 18, 2016 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Apr 21
Version 1.0.6


Mar 28
Version 1.0.5

Lots of changes! Please update!
~ 3 new girl avatars: if you're redhead, asian or have light brown hair now you can change your avatar!
~ 50+ brand new emojis!
~ Adding iMessage app in addition to the keyboard you add in Settings (it will automatically be downloaded to your iMessage app store - tap the "A" icon in the keyboard as you're typing, tap Slaymoji and any emoji you select will be sent with 1 tap vs. copy/paste) -- much easier to use than current extensions!
~ ***ATTENTION***: your purchases will appear as locked since Slaymoji code has been overhauled. Go in the main app to Settings > Restore Purchases and they will unlock if you've previously purchased. You will NOT get double charged! For any issues please email eleventyninellc@gmail.com

Jul 15
Version 1.0.4

~bug fix where if you'd bought the packs before they were showing up as locked, sorry it was a bug on our end (if you actually tried to buy them it would say "would you like to get it again for FREE" so it didn't double charge anyone) - if you've paid for the packs you don't ever have to pay again, once a category is unlocked it will always be free even as we add new emojis!
**if you're still having issues you can go inside the app to Settings > Restore Purchases to unlock your previous packs**
~ Previous update has new slaymojis!! (brunette & black) and a ton of new emojis (100+)
~ Thanks for all the positive messages, ideas and support!! Hope you love the new emojis as much as we do!

Jul 13
Version 1.0.3

+ the highly requested brunette & black slaymojis are now here!!
+ 100 new slaymojis! (if you've already paid you get them for free)
+ sampler pack now has 40 free emojis!
+ smaller sized emojis & easier to browse keyboard

Jun 06
Version 1.0.2

minor performance updates (new emojis and hair updates coming in less than 2 weeks!! thanks for all your amazing feedback)

May 21
Version 1.0.1

minor updates!

May 18
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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