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Tips: Play H265 encoded format video in APP personal center album, you need iOS11 or above to support.

IP-PRO -- Remote view for 24 hours in Mobile APP.
With concise and fashion GUI, support multiple and real- time preview, QR scan, PTZ control, video capture, recording backup. More functions are waiting for you.

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Version History

Launched Apr 06, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Mar 15
Version 3.2.3

1.Fix known bug

Mar 06
Version 3.2.2

1. Fix the intercom directly exit the preview, and then enter the open intercom failure problem again.
2. Fix the problem of getting too much remote information and causing the device to restart.
3. Fix the problem of token expiration after the update is installed.
4. Alarm recording search time point optimization

Feb 20
Version 3.2.1

1. Important permissions are not turned on
2. TF card status optimization, repair function support
3. Recording date display
4. Login mode supports adding devices in the LAN
5. Support alarm picture acquisition, alarm video playback and alarm information display
6. Support preview playback aspect ratio setting
7. Single product PTZ device supports gesture control
8.IPC supports channel screen reversal
9. Support panorama device center correction parameter setting
10. Wireless device addition process optimization
11. Intercom function optimization
12. Login support remember password and account cache
13. Added support for Dutch, Hebrew and Indonesian language packs
14. Optimize the flashback problem
15. Login account list completely clear account information
16. The account input box fills the current country code by default.

Dec 14
Version 3.1.1

1. Fix PTZ control compatibility issues.

Oct 31
Version 3.1.0

1. The device list supports the grouping function.
2. Support setting items for 7-inch screen devices.
3. PTZ speed control support.
4. Device alarm voice setting optimization.
5. Gateway channel range support is limited by country.
6.gateway prompt tone language selection support.
7. Thumbnail optimization.
8. Playback timeline control optimization.
9. Playback, sharing, setting and other import optimization.
10. Add device experience process optimization.
11. Panorama screenshot optimization.
12. Fix multi-language issues.

Sep 20
Version 3.0.6

1. Adjust the main switch at home away from home mode.
2. Horizontal screen preview PTZ control support.
3. Preview mode cache.
4. Gateway supports channel selection.
5. Doorbell device push function.
6. Prompt when the device connection is full.
7. Offline diagnostic information prompts.
8. Record backup download, add sharing function.
9. Advanced sharing.
10. Information screen recovery, network reset.
11. Intercom echo cancellation.
12. When the hotspot is directly connected, add other device process optimization.
13. The date display format is synchronized with the settings.

May 20
Version 2.0.14

1.Fixed known bug.

Apr 27
Version 2.0.13

1.Correct PTZ control commands.
2.Fix iOS9.2 system phone crashes into device settings.

Mar 15
Version 2.0.12

1.Fix german garbled problem.

Mar 10
Version 2.0.11

1. Fix failed to save by schedule recording function.
2. Added time recording function.
3. It is not allowed to input Chinese in the restricted user name and the number of user name characters cannot exceed 20 bits.

Feb 26
Version 2.0.10

1.Fixed known bug.

Feb 06
Version 2.0.9

1. Add double light function.
2. Optimize and improve APP stability.

Dec 30
Version 2.0.8

1.Repair DDNS Add can not preview the problem.

Dec 21
Version 2.0.7

1.Adapt to CX devices.
2.Fixed known bugs.

Sep 23
Version 2.0.6

1. Repair PTZ control.
2. Optimize the playback time too fast.

Jun 29
Version 2.0.5

1, Repair the camera playback time does not match the problem.
2, Repair part of the device into the camera settings crash problem.
3, Repair other known problems.

Apr 17
Version 2.0.3

1. Add NE,CX support.
2.Fixed alarm push function.
3.Fixed devices added through IP/DDNS can not be previewed.
4.Fixed known bugs.

Jan 24
Version 2.0.1

1.Synchronize the devices the you added under experience mode to your account.

Jan 04
Version 2.0.0

1. Improve user experience overall.

Dec 08
Version 1.7.13

1.Fix known bugs.

Nov 17
Version 1.7.11

1.Fix known bugs.

Nov 06
Version 1.7.10

Only VR Camera:
1.Update experience of adding VR Camera.
2.Fix known bugs.

Oct 11
Version 1.7.9

VR Camera only:
1.various present mode of playback and preview of VR camera added.
2.Support 3D previewin and playback video with VR glasses.
3.acoustic configuration supported.
4.Preview and playback optimized
5.Fix known bugs

Jun 24
Version 1.5.6

1.5.6 Change Log:
1.Real-Timecellular Data Network Monitoring,
2.New Login Interface,
3.Panorama Device Only:
a.Home Patten/Outside Patten One Key Switching
b.Alarm Controlling Schedule Added
c.Time Recording Schedule Added

Jun 02
Version 1.5.0

1.Support VR cam viewing,playback,setup e.c.t functions
2.Support add VR cam through wifi network or LAN
3.Double click, change to panorama viewing automatically
4.Fix bug which is when change camera stream,that channel block

Apr 20
Version 1.2.3

1.improve preview and playback stability performance
2.wifi matching experience optimization
3.fix searching fail issue when playback, caused by time zone differen

Apr 06
Version 1.1.8

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