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Created in the 90s by Daniel Briez, crystal theme is an "energy and vibrational mapping tool."
It is based on a numerological calculation using your name, first name (s) and date of birth, as well as a choice of 33 semi-precious stones chosen for their energy property.
It can be considered as aid in lithotherapy.

The crystal theme determines your personal 7 stones:

- Your base stone: this is the most important stone of the theme, one with have to work on first. It defines the nature of your incarnational experience. His Integration improves your professional and family life, and allows for a more harmonious relationship with your body.

- Your summit stone: the stone tells you why your are on earth, and guides you to the spiritual goal you seek to achieve in your life. This is a personal realization stone.

- Your life path stone: represents the path between the base stone and summit stone, it promotes your progress and your fulfillment.

- Your call stone: it represents your inner motivations, it helps you to move forward, it's in harmony with our life mission.

- Your personality stone: the stone of the mind, intelligence. It shows the traits of your character. It resets the EGO in its right place.

- The expression stone: it is the stone of communication, of linking with the world.

- The synthetic stone: or touchstone is your joker, that it is good to have with you.

These crystals, if you accept us in your life, will be your friends. They will provide all the help you need everyday.

Wear stones of its crystal theme can for example help you to :
- Untie your energy blockages
- Better understand and integrate your life path
- Find your place in your family, your job, your life.
- Open new doors
- Come into bloom.

Of course, the stones are a HELP, not a SOLUTION. They are a discreet aid, an accompagement, noticeable in everyday life.


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Version History

Launched Mar 25, 2016 (about 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Dec 04
Version 2.6

This version improves the compatibility with the new display of the iPhone X. The display on the iPad and iPad Pro has also been improved.

Sep 12
Version 2.2

Correction of a bug on the magnesite stone. Thanks to Gia Hung for this help.

Apr 03
Version 2.0

Update to Swift 3, performance optimization.

Mar 26
Version 1.1

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