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Featured in the Jan/Feb 2019 Flying magazine as one of the "6 Useful Pilot Apps You Want Right Now". The Flight Risk Assessment Tool or “FRAT” is an iPhone and iPad application with a companion Apple Watch application that provides current METAR reports from your Apple Watch. The FRAT was designed to aid pilots in identifying safety hazards and the risk level of each identified hazard during preflight planning. It is primarily targeted for general aviation pilots, but can be used by any pilot to aid in Risk Management.

Every pilot, from an excited student pilot taking his/her first flight to an old crusty well-traveled airline pilot, uses Risk Management whether they know it or not. A pilot evaluates his/her physical condition, weather, the airplane, fuel availability, time constraints (get-home-itis), and many other potential hazards. The pilot then determines the likelihood of an identified hazard causing a problem during the flight (risk level). Unfortunately, this step may not be given the importance it deserves or evaluated realistically.

Occasional flyers may approach Risk Management somewhat informally and use minimal resources to gather information (possible hazards) about their flight. Airline pilots, on the other hand, have the advantage of a Risk Management system staffed by professionals already in place that evaluate the risks and mitigation strategies for the intended flight.

The FRAT provides the General Aviation (GA) pilot a systematic checklist of questions to aid in evaluating the risks inherent during a flight. The FRAT is not meant to make a "Go-No Go" decision for the pilot-in-command. The pilot should use the FRAT during preflight planning to identify the hazards and potential risk level that he or she may encounter during the intended flight. Identifying hazards and the resulting risk level will enable the pilot to develop a more effective mitigation strategy. A mitigation strategy is used to eliminate or reduce risks to an acceptable level or may lead the pilot to delay or even cancel the flight if the risk factor is too high. The FRAT can be an integral part of a GA pilot’s overall Risk Management system.

There is an endless list of questions that could be posed in a risk assessment tool, but the FRAT is limited to those applicable to most VFR/IFR flights conducted by General Aviation (GA) pilots.

The FRAT also includes in-app use of safety resources such as FAASafety.gov Safety Notices and Safety Discussions as well as information on Risk Management. The FRAT provides easy access to 1-800-WXBrief, Aviation WX, NOTAMS, TFRs and METARs all without leaving the FRAT.

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Version History

Launched Apr 17, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Feb 02
Version 2.4

Fixed missing email and photo save buttons when doing a Risk Analysis. Fixed "Info" text page. Added new predictive weather Model Object Statistics (MOS) for extended weather forecasts from the NOAA.

Sep 27
Version 2.3

Updated "Where am I" functionality to improve zoom function. Updated price structure of App to $0.99 cents.

Sep 12
Version 2.2

Updated resource links to include Aviation Weather and removing CSRS DUATS.

Sep 18
Version 2.0

Updated App icon.

Sep 10
Version 1.33

Updated icons. Fixed bug that allowed the app to crash when requesting a METAR if no user default airport was selected.

Aug 23
Version 1.32

Updated for new FAA TFR map.

Jul 13
Version 1.31

Bug fixes that caused app to crash when getting weather from non-AWOS weather facilities.

Jun 23
Version 1.3

Bug fixes causing app to crash when requesting weather from certain airports in both watch and iPhone. Added the ability to request TAF reports as well as METARs.

May 24
Version 1.2

Fixed issue that caused Apple Watch to crash when spaces were included in the airport identifier. Fixed issue that kept the iPhone from getting weather if there were spaces in the airport identifier.

Apr 26
Version 1.1

Bugs fixes that caused app to close when using the "Where am I" function when GPS was not available. Improved notification when wifi or cell data is not available for the Apple Watch.

Apr 18
Version 1.0

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