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Based on our Steam game, 123 Slaughter Me Street, 123 Slaughter Me Street Retro is an action packed mobile side scroller! Unlike 123 Slaughter Me Street on Steam which is 3d, Retro is 2d with adorable pixel art for the whole family to enjoy!

Are you new to the SMS family?!

For those of you unfamiliar with 123 Slaughter Me Street, you are a criminal on the run from a heinous crime! You find refuge down a dark alley after climbing an old fire escape. As you move along the roof top, you fall through the roof of this abandoned apartment complex. You wake up, to find that the police are off in the distance, now all you have to do is get out of this building, oh.. and you are not alone! With a flash light as your only item, will you make it out alive?

What is different in Retro?

A lot!

Unlike SMS for the PC, Retro has an entirely different flash light mechanic which is battery based instead of.. broken!

There are boss fights!

Extra creatures!

Extra floors!

Hidden Easter Eggs!

In game currency + In game store front! (You have to beat the game first to unlock the store)
The store consists of different items and skins for your player and will be updated on the regular!

This game was tested on a myriad of devices, and its target is that of the iPhone, but will also run on iPad's as well as an iPod touch!

 $1.99 in iOS App Store


123 Slaughter Me Street Retro screenshot 1123 Slaughter Me Street Retro screenshot 2123 Slaughter Me Street Retro screenshot 3123 Slaughter Me Street Retro screenshot 4123 Slaughter Me Street Retro screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Feb 05, 2016 (over 3 years ago).
Feb 05
Version 1.0


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