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The app teaches sight words in context using familiar children stories, poems and songs with a twist. Lesson 1 includes 16 animated stories taught explicitly (directly) within a story, poem, or song children easily learn and remember with 2 practice games. Each sight word story contains a colorful button children will enjoy that can be played repeatedly. Each sight word is highlighted and repeated within the story while over 50 additional sight words included in the app are taught implicitly (indirectly) through its use and repetition throughout all the stories, poems, and songs. Sight Words that TEACH teaches children to read fluently and with comprehension at the onset of their reading experience. This app helps Children learn that words have meaning and can have multiple meanings, opposites, and expresses different tones when spoken verbally and or in writing. You will know the success of this app when you hear children repeating the stories, singing the songs, transferring the knowledge; and reading the words learned into their everyday experiences.

How to Use

Children can use all on their own. Each focused sight word contains its own colorful button that when touched can be listen to as often as the child would like. After each story word is viewed, a check mark appears next to the sight word button. Only after all 16 story words have been viewed are the 2 practice games available.

The Bubble Game

The sight words appear on the screen inside bubbles. A sight word is said and upon touching the right word the bubble will pop. This repeats itself until all words touched are correct. A praise sign will appear saying, “Great job”!

The Card game

A deck of sight word cards appear across the screen. As a card is touched, it turns over and displays a sight word. If two cards with the same sight word turns over and it’s a match, the game says the word and the cards remain face up with the sight word showing. If two cards are touched displaying different sight words (no match) the cards are turned back over. This continues until a match is found for all the words. This game improves eye hand coordination, builds memory, and provides extra practice hearing and seeing the sight words learned.

Phonics help children learn the sounds of their language; while Sight Words that TEACH teaches children to read fluently and with comprehension. It truly puts the fun back into learning to read.

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Launched Feb 27, 2016 (almost 3 years ago).
Feb 27
Version 1.0

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